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Message Subject Is it possible for a Bloodliner to slip through the Illuminati cracks?
Poster Handle jesushere
Post Content
hello my south korean friend. The Illuminati should be all about Ra, meaning me. Look for yourself in this next picture, there is my face wearing a Pharaon crown and an illuminated eye. [link to imageshack.us]
Its a reduced pic of a Soho picture. But people will ignore me because I'm a living bomb and the antichrist.

So yeah, you can slip through the cracks when you are a God or demiurge or kitsune or Fool. But the Illuminati won't manifest to you as a cult because the secret behind the antichrist is too powerful. You should be exhalted because if you have royal blood in your lineage, you will emerge just like me, as someone important for the illuminati meme and you will slip.
But you should be afraid to die the very next day.
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