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Subject Prince William & 13th Bloodline of the Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Merovingian Bloodline

The 13th Illuminati Bloodline is where the Anti-Christ will come from. This bloodline believes that it has both the Holy Blood of Jesus and the blood (or seed) of Satan in its bloodline. This bloodline is so extensive in its many branches that its membership takes in many of the Presidents of the United States, including George Hush and George Washington. Some of the earliest attempts to trace the seed of Satan were some books which did extensive research on the Tribe of Dan and the decedents of Cain. There has been a book published titled ‘The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea’ in which the author strongly suggests with large volumes of research that Prince Charles is in fact the Antichrist. What is interesting is the fact that this analysis of Prince Charles’ crest can be used for Prince William also as it bears the exact same symbolism, notably the chain locking him in servitude to the red dragon (Satan). This further reinforces Rik Clay’s theory of a new Trinity event occurring during the 2012 olympic’s.

I aint religEEus

Your Thoughts on this this Coat of arms perfectly matching some book's description like this?

that makes me say hmmm
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