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5/11/11 (United States), 11/5/11 (rest), 11th Day of Months in 2011

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United States
05/11/2011 08:15 AM
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5/11/11 (United States), 11/5/11 (rest), 11th Day of Months in 2011
This is the year of 2011, the Illuminati's year for chaos, since their # 11 means chaos. For each 11th Day of each month, we've had many things happening, of which the biggest events I listed first for each date below. You only really need to read the first event or 2 for each date, but I included other events from those days though. Firstly though, look at what I noticed for what could be for 5/11/11 though. Back on 4/2/2010 there was an erroneous 8.0 EQ reported in the Carribean by the USGS, but was deleted within the next hour: [link to img196.imageshack.us]
5/11/11 is 404 Days following this erroneous alert. Look at the image I posted, the timing was 5:38:55. Perhaps they chose this time because:

5:11:11 They made the 11 for the year a 55 because of 5/11, and then of course the 5:38 = 5/11. Even the local time was 00:38:55 (11/11)

Now, here are 1-liners showing the 11th dates since January, and then will be the longer versions following this:

1/11/11 = Massive Queensland, Australia flooding, dam breaks. 13 killed in Brazil flooding. 75 die in uprisings.

2/11/11 = Egyptian President ousted. 32nd anniversary of Iranian Revolution.

2/22/11 = 6.3 EQ in ChristChurch, New Zealand causes massive devestation. Locals calling it their 9/11.

3/11/11 = Japan 9.0 EQ, tsunami, nuclear melt-down; 4 volcanic eruptions in Russia, Japan, Indonesia.

4/11/11 = Minsk subway bombing (11 killed). Japan 6.6 EQ on land SW of nuke plant. Farooque Ahmed is sentenced to 23 years in jail for plotting attacks on Washington, D.C. Metro system. Nepal Energy Minister Gokarna Bista is stabbed in Katmandu. French ban Muslim attire.

13 killed by floods and mudslides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Queensland, Australia flooding: 10 dead, Brisbane River breaks its banks in the state capital; Queensland Premier declares 75% of state disaster zone. Thousands of flights cancelled in South, Great Lakes, and North-Eastern U.S. for storms. 50 killed during Tunisian protests in the capital Tunis. 5 killed in Abidjan, Ivory Coast as clashes continue between police and supporters of presidential aspirant Alassane Ouattara (rejects offer for Vice-Presidency). Iranian nuclear physicist assassinated by Israeli. An Israeli missile attack kills Palestinian militant while he was riding a motorcycle in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority states it will seek U.N. recognition through the Security Council and the General Assembly in September. 18 people killed by attackers armed with machetes in the villages of Wareng and Bardin Laki in central Nigeria. 1 killed, 7 injured by gunman on Egyptian train. 3 Georgian Army soldiers killed, 13 wounded when mortar-bomb explodes at military base near Tbilisi, Georgia. Official investigation in Kyrgzstan into deadly ethnic riots in 2010 reports that local Uzbek leaders were to blame. Dr. Conrad Murray is ordered to face trial for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson. China successfully tests the Chengdu J-20 Black Eagle, one of its 5th-generation stealth twin-engine fighter aircraft programs. Scientists detect streams of antimatter positrons annihilating electrons being responsible for Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes above the tops of thunder-storms. The Arctic Sun rises over Ilulissat, Greenland 2 days earlier than expected, possible explanation is alterations in atmospheric refraction or inversion from ice crystals that may or may not be the result of global warming.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is ousted after 18 Days. Israeli forces fire gas agents and rubber-coated bullets against Palestinian protesters in Silwan, injuring dozens. U.S. Department of Agriculture says it has de-regulated a genetically engineered corn. Road in Copenhagen, Denmark has been proposed a new name after former President Ronald Reagan. American man (CIA agent) held responsible for the "cold-blooded murder" of 2 men in Lahore, Pakistan, by city police chief Aslam Tareen. Computer security company McAfee says hackers based in the People's Republic of China have targeted computer networks of global oil companies and individuals in Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Greece, and the United States, to steal information starting in 2009. Former President of Liberia Charles Taylor's trial in The Hague is extended. Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng and his wife are beaten after filming a secret video showing their house arrest. 32nd anniversary of Iranian Revolution. Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi is placed under house arrest after calling for demonstrations in support of the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Magnitude 6.3 EQ in ChristChurch, New Zealand causes massive devestation. The locals are calling it their own 9/11.

Magnitude 9.0 EQ off coast of Japan; devestating tsunami; nuclear power plant melt-down; 4 volcanic eruptions (2 in Russia, 1 in Japan, 1 in Indonesia).
Libyan uprising: EU leaders gather in Brussels for urgent summit. Clashes between rebels and Gaddafi loyalists at Ras Lanuf.
Saudi Arabian protesters take to the streets of Hofuf and al-Ahsa in the east of the country.
Kuwaiti protests: Riot police fire tear gas at demonstration of stateless Arabs demanding more rights.
Bahraini protests: Large march takes place towards the royal court. India and Pakistan successfully conduct missile tests (both have nukes). Governor of California Jerry Brown declares state of emergency in several counties. Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin declares state of emergency in all 77 counties due to wildfires burning out of control in that state and Colorado. Bus plunges into ravine in Xinjiang region in western China killing 16. 2 ex-Blackwater consultants are found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of civilian in Afghan capital Kabul. The UNASUR Constitutive Treaty enters into force, making the Union of South American Nations an international legal personality. Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai calls for an end to the country's unity government after one of his party members is arrested. Mel Gibson charged with misdemeanor battery for assault on ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in January 2010.

Bombing at Oktyabrskaya metro station in Minsk, killing 11, injuring dozens. Magnitude 6.6 EQ (was 7.1) Japan on land South-West of Daiichi Nuke Plant, power out for an hour at #1 plant. Farooque Ahmed is sentenced to 23 years in jail for plotting attacks on Washington, D.C. Metro system. Nepal Energy Minister Gokarna Bista is stabbed in Katmandu.
Syrian protests: Students take part in demonstration at Damascus University to express solidarity with protesters killed in the unrest, student killed after Syrian forces attack.
Egyptian revolution: Demonstrators in Tahrir Square calling for the acceleration of reforms. Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil is sentenced to three years in prison by military court for criticising the army.
Ivory Coast Civil-War: Laurent Gbagbo is captured and arrested in Abidjan; reportedly taken to headquarters of Alassane Ouattara. French reports claim he was captured by Ouattara supporters while contradictory reports suggest he was captured by French special forces.
Libyan Civil-War: Rebels reject African Union peace plan because it does not include removal of Gaddafi.
Yemen Civil-War: President Ali Abdullah Saleh welcomes proposal by Gulf Cooperation Council that would see him resign for his Vice-President.
Uganda protesting: Opposition leader Kizza Besigye is arrested after calling for protest.
Central African Republic: Fighting between rebel and military kills 27. French law banning the burqa and niqab comes into effect. Mexican businessman Carlos Slim is again the richest man in the World according to the Forbes list of billionaires. Intel announces (former codename "Oak Trail") Atom processor will be in devices beginning in May, especially designed for net-book and tablet devices. India repatriates 39 Pakistani prisoners in a good-will gesture. Authorities in Tajikistan are to ban divorce by text message. Mitt Romney announces he will be candidate for Republican nomination. Mayor of Washington, D.C. Vincent C. Gray is arrested while protesting about U.S. budget deal.

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