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Message Subject Rihanna - Princess off the Illuminati (SLUT) - **Music Video**
Poster Handle theODDISEE
Post Content
hmmmm. i thought you were...... nevermind
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1377822

Alright I'm female and don't have a dick, BUT STILL IF I DID... the entertainment industry that pulls these mind tricks could SUCK and GAG on it.

Rihanna is not hot. Unless you like infested whores who've sold their soul to the devil for a buck, and helped brainwash and deceive millions of idiot sheeple.

Rihanna has done absolutely fucking NOTHING to help the world and chances are she never will.
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

Better second guess that thought! Just because you can't see doesn't mean nothing has been done!

Its always there...

Fractal hologram...

Stay blind
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