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Message Subject What is a MARITIME LIEN and why is Wayne Madsen mentioning this?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can someone please explain what a "Maritime Lien" is?

"On April 14, 2011. WMR reported on a flurry of suspicious maritime liens filed against the U.S. Department of Treasury by leading Chicago and Illinois officials: "WMR has discovered that although less than 100 maritime liens had been filed in Cook County since 1985, since March 28 of this year, 11 maritime liens have been filed in Cook County against the U.S. Treasury Department.

Again, my question is: What is a 'maritime lien'... and the obvious follow-up, what the heck is going on in Chicago with these people filing these things against the U.S. Treasury Department???? WTF????
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1381889

Someone is preparing to legally seize the U.S. Treasury Department.

A Maritime Lien is when a ship is treated as a wrongdoer, not the ship owner. Damage was caused by the property and it has to make good for the loss. The maritime lien starts when a cause of action happens and is not stopped even when a change of ownership takes place.

Confusing, isn't it.

But, obviously, whoever is filing these liens is clever. They have named the U.S. Treasury Department as the wrongdoer and are seeking compensation. Unlike most Civil Cases, there can be no defendant as no "Legal Person" can answer the claim in court.

A default judgement will be inevitable, and someone will become very rich.
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