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Generations in the Bible

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United States
05/15/2011 04:40 AM
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Generations in the Bible
I was reading another site referring to the reinstatement of Isreal. I don't know the exacts of it but it's something along the lines of once Isreal is born again as a nation there will be only one generation to the end of days/rapture/etc.

They cling on to the number 40. Exodus took 40 years to lose the unclean ones. Jesus was in the dessert for 40 days. Noah flood lasted 40 days.

We cannot rely on the number 40. 40 means a long time. The use of this number throws many timelines out of wack.

For an example I am documating Jesus' ministry in the here and now. He's back, He's teaching. I'm writing about what he's doing. In my writings I declare thathe's preaching 24/7.

2000 years down the road people are stillreading what I wrote. They get to the 24/7 remark. But in their world time is run by the metric system, somuch of what I was documating isn't going to make sence to the new readers.

Anytime you see 40 in the Bible don't take it at face value. It means an elonged period of time

And once you get through this you should get your 40 winks in.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1146384
05/15/2011 04:51 AM
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Re: Generations in the Bible