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Message Subject why does US hate china so much? They beat us, fair and square
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Didn't the US screw China over with the whole Clinton orchestrated scam of trying to sell them phony gold plated bars that are tungsten? MSM is at an all-time low for credibility, and are the single largest reason why the criminal con-men running the US fed continue with their monumental scams...not the least in which they claim they "killed" Bin Laden. What a bunch of horseshit, he died in 2001 in a CIA hospital in germany of Marfan's syndrome. US fed are the biggest liars this world has ever known. It's too bad the US citizens are so stupid and gullible, they are allowing the fairy tales to continue by BELIEVING the nonsense that MSM spews out at alarming rates. "Hey Kool-Aid!"
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