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Message Subject why does US hate china so much? They beat us, fair and square
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
everyone hates china nowadays and laughs at them / mocks them. however just loko at the numbers. they beat us fair and square. they practically own all our debt so they own us, they win production-wise w/ imports exports, without china the world economy would be ruined... smarter students, healthier people, better economy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1367714

china has neither the means or the man power to beat the usa the only country that will is the u.s.e [united states of europe]. thats why they want control over it so badly as they know they can be defeated by us and if the usa controls it they will be able to control the middle east from there with ease, with one exception......the europeans getting up off their asses to stop them which i cant see happening ...well not without nuclear war that is but at this point im in favour of nuking each major city of each super power as this will remove the scourge of parasites over running our governments which would allow us [the simple]. to live our lives in the freedom of their own beliefs. but like i said this wont happen because according to the asians and the blacks people in europe are white and racist or according to some religious faggot the asians are all terrorists and suicide bombers and so on and so on same story same bullshit. the simple fact is that the ignorant cant just put aside their dumbass differences, this is something i would refer to as a schism
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