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Subject poofness
Poster Handle jeffnpasco
Post Content
Greeting and Salutations;

Things are turning out, just like 'they' said 30 years ago. Mass confusion rules! We know who's on first, but I'm afraid those who aren't, ain't taking it none to well. By the time every one picks thru the conspiracy stories, they'll look up and find the world has moved on. There are plenty of distractions out here, while they move the deck chairs around. My email box can testify. Just never limit your possibilities and you won't be caught surprised. 'Don't believe everything you hear and only half of what you see'. Sometimes the truth is in plain sight. Read this it might explain a few things to my fellow americans who think I might have fallen down a bottle of Jack Daniels, ask yourself this question...who does confusion serve?

[link to www.civilwarhome.com]

[link to avalon.law.yale.edu]

Next, as this change is upon the world, what will they do about this?

[link to www.rollingstone.com]

Time has run out so I imagine we'll all get the news pretty fast now. While you were running down the story about mr. panetta, Paris was busy locking in the 21st century. Money, revals on currencies, around the world, they only crap I heard about was the stuff about the dinar. But those who didn't like the rate were told to take it or leave it. How can a beggar be a chooser?? Anyhoot, it's time to pay attention and not get distracted by things that you can't do anything about anyhow. The truth will be told, but as the ancient proverb advises, 'be careful what you wish for, you may get it'. Then watcha gonna do. Stare at the past? Keep your mouth shut about what you got and step lively into the future. Good luck everybody and have a blessed future. Don't buy any wooden nickels.

Love and Kisses,

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