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User ID: 1388397
05/18/2011 03:07 AM
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Greeting and Salutations;

Things are turning out, just like 'they' said 30 years ago. Mass confusion rules! We know who's on first, but I'm afraid those who aren't, ain't taking it none to well. By the time every one picks thru the conspiracy stories, they'll look up and find the world has moved on. There are plenty of distractions out here, while they move the deck chairs around. My email box can testify. Just never limit your possibilities and you won't be caught surprised. 'Don't believe everything you hear and only half of what you see'. Sometimes the truth is in plain sight. Read this it might explain a few things to my fellow americans who think I might have fallen down a bottle of Jack Daniels, ask yourself this question...who does confusion serve?

[link to www.civilwarhome.com]

[link to avalon.law.yale.edu]

Next, as this change is upon the world, what will they do about this?

[link to www.rollingstone.com]

Time has run out so I imagine we'll all get the news pretty fast now. While you were running down the story about mr. panetta, Paris was busy locking in the 21st century. Money, revals on currencies, around the world, they only crap I heard about was the stuff about the dinar. But those who didn't like the rate were told to take it or leave it. How can a beggar be a chooser?? Anyhoot, it's time to pay attention and not get distracted by things that you can't do anything about anyhow. The truth will be told, but as the ancient proverb advises, 'be careful what you wish for, you may get it'. Then watcha gonna do. Stare at the past? Keep your mouth shut about what you got and step lively into the future. Good luck everybody and have a blessed future. Don't buy any wooden nickels.

Love and Kisses,

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1388335
United States
05/18/2011 03:08 AM
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Re: poofness
Schnapps is a hell of a drug.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1388351
05/18/2011 03:10 AM
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Re: poofness
well said Poofness
User ID: 6788197
United States
12/25/2011 09:50 PM
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Re: poofness
Sooooo vague and yet completely insightful & right-on BABY. It's time to make the change. Let's get on with it. This old world crap is no longer serving us and stinks like a satanic turd. New and clean systems are awaiting our invocation. Let's all blink three times and say a prayer to our galactic friends and higher selves asking/requiring the new dawn of a new day w/o bloodshed, tears & oppression of any kind. We need the funds to create this new day of resonance technology. Ancient Indian Vaastu awaits us. Clean and pure energy systems are leaning forward at us trying to get through to implementation. There is sooooo much to do........WOW!
User ID: 28628628
Hong Kong
11/30/2012 06:29 AM
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Re: poofness
POOF MP3's - Comment from KP:

One More Note on the Poofness Interview Posts…

Posted on 2012/11/30

The request for these posts to be removed was received, and must be honored. As soon as I was asked to remove those posts from this blog, I removed them. As did American Kabuki.
If anyone else knows of any posts out there that were copied from AK’s original post, I’d appreciate if you would leave the link in the comments below.
If anyone has posted the original interview, and/or has posted mp3s of this, I’d request that you remove them. This request comes from quite “high up”. I feel it needs to be honored.
Thank you.
/more: [link to kauilapele.wo...nterview-posts]
=== === ===

MY NOTES, after listening:

People in America will have freedom, like they never had it before.
Prices are in Federal Reserve Notes. People have already paid enough, they may find they have enough money to pay off their debts. There will be new jobs... green jobs. (Don't leave your job): "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes."
$350 Trillion coming in. What's Real? : Leo Wanta, St Germain trusts, 70 some programs.
(What's your take on: Ben, Drake...?)
Ben is touch and go.
Drake and Keneen are ... the Black Dragon was taken out (?), he wanted to stay in control
Cobra: some of what he says is accurate. But when it comes to friends out there, ships, don't rely on emotion.
The Dollar will not collapse, it will be "swapped out when it is time."
If you have cash, leave it in the bank, it will get swapped out.
The new currency is metal-backed, and there is no need to panic.
(Will the super-rich stay rich?)
It depends on where they have their money.
Interpol will do the arrests. Papers will be filed at The Hague.
The media has not be told yet (which is why they stick with the old spin.)
No chance of Romney being elected "as it stands right now."
But it does not matter about the politics... certain things have been done.
We will go back to common law, that will be part of the announcements.
No attorney will be allowed in politics... people who swear allegiance to the British Queen.

This has been planned over 20 years, and I've got the bottom stuff.

The Bushes are "scared shitless".
Jacob Rothschild signed off on getting rid of the Fed a few years ago, and many called him a traitor.
The Fed is still operating because the Chinese are still using it.
Bernanke's next job will be at the IMF. He has done what they told him to do.
The Dragons are monitoring everything. They have computers everywhere.
The Dragon families have been around for a couple of thousand years.
When the Japanese were attacking China, the Dragons had to go over there, and pick up their stuff.
They brought it here (to the US?)

Next year: There will be many changes, things will be changing every day.
People will find out they have been slaves for a long time, since 1776.
Ascension? The Earth is in an ascension process.
For public interviews: "It is not my time yet."