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Poster Handle El Quisqueyano
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Hi El Quisqueyano,

Your interest in earthquakes is quite admirable.

Your system that you are using is extremely limited in detection distance when detecting earthquakes with it. It cannot be used to predict earthquakes at distance; range is probably less than 25 miles for a fairly large earthquake of M4+. The sounds you detect are very close to your particular area.

The strong pop, or popping that you noted was from a solar flare. Solar flares cause the popping that you detected.

I noticed that you have a wire fence very close to one of your antenaes, and is probably not very far from the other antenae. That fence acts as an array conductor to many types of signals; you must be aware of that.

There is no correlation between magnitude and hz with the equipment you are using, your system is picking up all kinds of things.

You might be able to detect an earthquake with your equipment in the future, but it will have to be very close-by, and it will have to be fairly significant in intensity. When or if your system ever starts detecting an earthquake before it strikes, you will know it, because it is entirely different than what you have experienced so far.

have you taken note of any correlation between hz and magnitude; like 2hz denotes a 3.3 mag or 6.5hz denotes a 2.4 mag?
also have you ever picked up an "echo"?
kinda like sonar bouncing back to tell how far away or a depth?

just wandering all this cause i believed the link between the 2, years ago
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 891425

I haven't gotten as far as being able to denote the frequencies with magnitude. Still in infancy stage with this whole ELF Seismic monitoring. If you know how to make the connection I would highly appreciate your help in this matter. I have picked up a few echo signals. Wondered what they were. I also picked up something the other day i felt was weird, It was a sound which sounded like when you pop a cork out of a champagne bottle. Showed up on Spectrogram like a small circle dot with very intense electrical energy. Sounded to me like maybe our Ionosphere might have gotten penetrated by some kind of Meteor or something of that nature. Then there are these signals that come in sometimes around the 500Hz range that pulse for like 6 seconds, like a communication signal of some kind in dashes but sound like white noise for just 6 seconds.
 Quoting: El Quisqueyano

 Quoting: RS 1291163

I realized what your saying about the interference in my particular area. So what i did was tie into an antenna array set up by some Volunteer Seismic monitors located in a remote area on a mountain of Europe, via the internet. They have a Seismic monitoring system in operation accessible to all. Very sensitive equipment. So much so sensitive, that it picks up the Schumann Resonance as clear as if it were a stethoscope when you attach it to your heart. Already set with Low Preamp filters. This is the system I am using really.
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