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I'm tapped into an antenna array set up for seismic monitoring. I also have a set up of my own to compare and track source of signal from 3 different stations. I am trying to more or less triangulate source of signal by the time it takes the signal to reach each station. It is like a HAM radio set up but in the 1 Hz to 10 Hz range. ELF range. Combined with some on the Upper scale in kHz for a distinctive sound around those frequencies. You get what are precursor Quake Signals. The sound is also important cause it can tell you whether it's quarts or stone based. Good info when trying to triangulate. Signals that low and that strong in electrical magnetic strength could not be man made. Severe Lighting storm and or Solar Storm but not man made. IMHO
 Quoting: El Quisqueyano

Wow, thanks! You mind if I keep prying you about it? I'm not debunking or trying to work an angle, I'm legitimately intrigued.

Does this setup require a license ( not even gunna ask if you have one or not ;)) ? Just wanna know first and foremost just incase I find myself getting another hobby lol it would discourage me .

Do you have a source where I could learn more? I don't wanna derail your thread with questions about the setup.

I thought seismographer read from sensors in the ground, not radiowaves? Or is that an old way? Read: is your method the norm (however lowbudget or simplified/small it may be) or is it an experimental method? Does it have a name?

I don't know alot about earthquake monitoring, but I paid attention in science class! Just didn't ever start researching earthquakes until I found this sites, and morsel your threads..andbof course the new Madrid happenings! IIRC, I started paying attention to because of your research haha.
 Quoting: Stark

No license is required. Just a lot of time staring into a computer screen to keep track of precursor signals live instead of going through them later.

Start with this site here, detailed info on Earthquake precursor signals on ELF;
[link to www.elfradgroup.com]

The ground sensors give you info on Earthquakes as they occur. I don't need to know an Earthquake happened while it is happening. I'd like to have a heads up so people can prepare. Earthquake pressure creates electrical discharge from the build up, that electrical discharge bounces up and down via our Ionosphere, bouncing North and South in a wave. The quake itself creates electrical energy and vibration. The electrical discharge of the quake itself comes in more noticeable. That is the Shock wave. The first signal is considered the Pulse. The shock wave is what you see on seismographs.

This method is in it's infancy right now as far as the general populace is concerned. I am sure TPTB have had this technology for a very long time now. It is a very simple way of getting a heads up on quakes, 3 hours worth of a heads up.

As far as what antenna array I am tapped into, well I am not ready to disclose that info. wink
 Quoting: El Quisqueyano

Keep in touch ;)

I appreciate the crash course. It actually makes alotta sense the way you put it. So is the theory behind harp that they are basically just transmitting more powerful waves than you are receiving?( In a nutshell)
Or am I Wayyy off?
 Quoting: Stark

You can see HAARP when it Transmits. HAARP transmits various signals at different frequencies for different purposes, each according to their purpose. My thought is that they are transmitting Some kind of Brain Waves that are parked next to The Schumann Resonance so as to hide in the shadow of it. Everyone would think it's just Schumann. IMHO

And your welcome.
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