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TV: Methane “much closer” to community than previously detected near giant sinkhole — Pressure now just below surface — Officials want to test every structure built on ground

[link to enenews.com]
 Quoting: Earth Cries

Please read the reports attached to this
It is important to recognise the role that methane has played throughout history in causing massive turbulence within the Earth System. At this stage of the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe, it is important to pay close attention to the role that methane is playing in creating dead zones and potential sources for volatile eruption that could affect not just sea-based, but also land- and air-based life. Although a global-scale methane driven oceanic eruption is highly unlikely at present, there may be stagnant, oxygen-poor basins in the ocean where methane might accumulate to dangerous levels. Even a small explosion of that methane could cause a catastrophe. Imagine what would happen if such an event occurred. Tsunamis could be generated in continuous waves. Methane and water clouds would auto-ignite and the massive fires could cause widespread destruction. Consequences could be global. "I have little doubt there will be another methane-driven eruption -- though not on the same scale as 251 million years ago -- unless humans intervene,” says Prof Ryskin. Even if there is only a small probability that such eruptions could occur, we should start looking for areas of the ocean where this might be most likely, beginning with the underwater gas clouds and dead zones now being spawned by the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher. What would be your suggestions for diffusing those very large underwater methane clouds especially if, on their way to the surface, they could erupt explosively?
[link to www.mi2g.com]
The reports are here lots of them privy to the elite you have to dig a little and go into each post but I guarantee worth the search as the one that can not be posted here. I tried several times to no avail.
hugs They are giving you little information as to the outcome of this situation the Gulf state areas are saturated
they are anticipating a methane-driven explosion with massive fires and widespread destruction. Unlike oil, significant amount of methane gas dissolves in deep cold water. However, as that methane-water rises, the gas comes out of the solution and creates a methane mist, whose volume is seven times greater than pure water because of much reduced pressure. The resulting eruption is likely to spread quickly and release a part of the ocean basin's worth of natural gas in great clouds into the atmosphere. These could ignite because the amounts of flammable gas would be enormous. The subsequent fires and explosions would be catastrophic. Gulf Oil Gusher: Methane, Climate & Dead Zones:http//www.mi2g.com/ this article was originally written in 2010 they have continued to expand on it.
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