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Morning All!
Have been pre-occupied with work last few days and still at it but wanted to put this out there for a heads up and discussion. Sometimes, things are so obvious and right in front of us that we don't see them or at least that's the case here I think it was a 'wow, look at that' moment. Please bare with me. Several weeks ago I posted a quake on here that was in I think I said 'that's a strange' area and I didn't think anymore of it until this AM when I opened the aeic page. This is the heading I am referring to;

Earthquake beneath the Gulf of Alaska
[link to www.aeic.alaska.edu]

If you go to this page [link to www.aeic.alaska.edu]
look at the increase and frequency of quakes listed under that heading above
Now, look at this map
[link to upload.wikimedia.org]
the quakes under the heading beneath the Gulf of Alaska
are striking right where the crust is being pushed in and under the southern Alaska margin
which in turn is causing a huge amount of pressure on the Denali Fault Line and if you look at the aeic recent quake map above you will see that activity is concentrating in that area which is where I think we are going to see another unprecedented event.Queen Charlotte quakes and Yellowstone seismo readings and increased quake activity in that area
are all the pre-triggers for this event per this study
[link to www.pmc.ucsc.edu]
the interesting thing is that if this theory follows the past we are at that point now because It's been 2-3 weeks since we talked about all of this before

We were talking about all this Oct 27-28-29 pg 869

Thinking all those quakes in BC are putting a lot of stress on Cascadia, Denali fault Line and this
Tectonic setting of the Gulf of Alaska
The Gulf of Alaska is a seismically active area within which the boundary between the Pacific and North American plates is located. This active boundary has evolved through a series of shifts from north to south as successive blocks of continental crust were moved into southern Alaska. The present plate boundary includes dominantly strikeslip faulting in the southeastern gulf along the Fairweather and Queen Charlotte fault systems, a complex transition zone of thrust faulting combined with strikeslip faulting in the eastern gulf, and thrust faulting along the Aleutian megathrust in the western gulf. The faults along this complex plate boundary historically have been the sources of major earthquakes in this area; [link to www.tandfonline.com]

I could be way off but wanted to put it out there.
Have a safe and happy day! hf
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