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Poster Handle miabelieves
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So...heres a thread thats almost two full years old. The title suggests that the OP is waiting for proof of some big earthquake event, and yet....almost 920 pages of useless drivel later...there are still people responding!?

Since there is NO WAY to predict earthquakes, can I ask a simple question?

If the "big one" hits...not only does this thread NOT HELP predict it, everyone on planet Earth will already know long before its mentioned in this thread at all anyway SO WHAT POINT DOES THIS THREAD SERVE....besides rewriting things that can be found quicker elsewhere????????

Why would I come to a forum to look for earthquake activity when USGS.gov has better up to the date info than some dude who posts a thread?
Has this thread found anything of significance that wasnt posted elsewhere first? Find any world ending earthquake activity before USGS? Oh...I bet the USGS and the Universities are hiding and manipulating earthquake data huh?

How f'n silly....just wanted to be a voice of reason in a seemingly sea full of blow hards who dont actually know one tenth the info a basic University has.

Nice way to show something of ZERO significance can continue unabated for 17 months.

Most thread startes on GLP are just rehashing crap that can be found elsewhere by all of us in our daily travels on the web.

Many threads come from Drudge, Mr.J, IH, or other news outlets that we ALL visit every day anyway. So stupid to post information that A) can be found elsewhere far quicker and B) That cannot be debated in any fashion.

I will continue pointing this crap out until these asinine threads slow down a bit. Its getting overly obnoxious listening to folks who think they have more knowledge on a subject than those who have dedicated their lives to that same subject.
If the big one comes...nothing on earth can predict it...certainly not some tool shed conspiracy tards posting on GLP.
 Quoting: Iamtheone

Clearly by your recent comments, you are NOT the one.. If you had any clue at all, you would of realised a few pages into your reading that the reason for this thread is not technical data, scientific study or geological review.. it is about friendships, connections and like minded souls finding a place where they can gather and share...

Do you go to a coffee shop and ask all the people sitting there why they continue to return week after week and sit and chat and have coffee with their friends?.. maybe you do, because it is obvious from your post you seem to lack some understanding of human nature and how important a connection with each other is..

If you want to see more science, then I suggest that instead of running your mouth in a thread where you obviously have no friends and have no interest in making any, you spend that energy on discovering that which it is you complain no one else has discovered..

We should be asking you...

Why are you coming to GLP to look for earthquake data when USGS has better and quicker information?????

As most threads on GLP are just rehashing crap that can be found elsewhere, why are you here on GLP searching through and reading all these threads full of rehashed crap instead of over in those other forums reading the up to the minute information you so fervently pointed out they have????

Why did you bother to post this unintelligent response on a thread that you think is obnoxious, in a forum that you think is redundant??????

... kinda says more about you and YOUR intentions than this thread says about us...

Maybe you should think about that..
 Quoting: EW 28946474

AMEN, EW!!! Couldn't of said it better.
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