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Poster Handle Earth Cries
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You've got to see this! Sinkhole Disaster straight from the horse's mouth BP Well Info
Just got this post I know some of you don't follow and disagree with poster but this has some awesome information and graphics I can't embed if anyone else can please do.
This validates what we have been saying all along and the huge size. complexity and numbers of salt domes and wells

EC you're going to want to see this

[link to sincedutch.wordpress.com]

1/26/2013 — Bayou Corne Salt Dome Collapse — ‘sinkhole’ — Radioactivity , and dome wide sinking
by sincedutch
Multiple miles of the Salt Dome complex in Bayou Corne are collapsing.. also several reports of higher radioactivity inside the Dome complex sink area..

Here is the link here to climateviewer -- Turn on "Bayou Corne" on the left hand side, as well as "pollution & disasters" (to see the BP oil dome information).

This will show you the size of the salt dome complex, and the number of domes we're concerned about --- also shows the oil wells, injection wells, and water wells .. AND THEIR INFORMATION !

[link to terraforminginc.com]

Read the posts and links at the bottom from readers!

Bart Stiles says:
January 26, 2013 at 3:43 pm
the ONLY Study ever released to the Public showing the radioactivity found in the sink hole:
these are not tracer elements used for fracking, these are FISSION PRODUCTS:

[link to www.deq.louisiana.gov]

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Bart Stiles says:
January 26, 2013 at 3:45 pm
for 40 years the GOV has been storing high level nuclear Waste from the Military and from NP Plants in these salt domes.

Year 1973 Makes that 4 decades they have been storing NUCLEAR WASTE HERE
Series Open-File Report


Nuclear fuel is stored in DRY CASKS, and is intended to remain that way for hundreds of thousands of years.

I believe it is now all submerged, and the test showing its presence in the water is proving that these casks are leaking.

The FOIA documents prove they they have used these domes for decades.
The documents Prove that they will allow NO TESTS of the structural stability of these storage domes.
The radionucleotide LAB Analysis that i have provided PROVES that these isotopes are in the Corne Bayou, and that was the ONLY test result to ever leak out the the Public… EVER… and it was done in AUGUST of 2012.

Do the math….. See the LIES. See the Coverups.

anyone investigating this “Sink hole “should read these documents and never forget them when discussing this issue.
[link to pubs.usgs.gov]
 Quoting: AKObserver

A wealth of information, AK. Thank you. It has long been said down here that South La is the dumping ground of the nation for toxic waste. Will go and read more. Highest cancer rates in the nation from all the toxic plants and toxic dumps that aren't exposed for what they are.
The GOM has been a dumping ground for munitions, toxic and nuclear waste, chemical waste and chem weapons for decades. Dutch has it right, my friend.
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