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Message Subject Wow.........the Harold Campers took out a full page ad in USA Today.
Poster Handle Stark
Post Content
If something does happen, it wont be God. Did he not SPECIFICALLY SAY NO ONE WOULD KNOW? All the sudden he's changing the rules and only letting a crazy man who's been wrong with all his predictions know what's up?

Who or what made him a prophet?

Is there a committee or something for these things? I'd like to be nominated, here's my prediction:

What does he mean by worldwide earthquake? Madrid?

Or is it figuratively, like a bomb starting a war or something? I guess we'll know soon enough. Either way. I would be very interested in keeping tabs on what this lunatic does over the next few days. Also, I want a camera trained on his face allllll day up until midnight, and someone ask him what went wrong hehe. I'm sure he has a retort planned, or some other "calculations" or he'll learn of something coincidental (or planned) that happend that day as well and he will contort to be relevant o his claims. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually kept it up saying God kept him here to save more people before the end for all the rest. Seriously, other than him and his closest followers dissapearing or mass suicide or something stupid, there's not many other ways this can playout. Just look at all the other dumbfucks through history, its like they reincarnated every few years or so just to keep us entertained.

I think he's just akin to a tweaker IMO.

Though it is strange USA today would listen, and he mentions earthquake, with Madrid going on, and all that, transformers all the weird shit, I wouldn't be suprised if something did happen. But it wont be a rapture. It'll be planned. Or extreme coincidence.

Edited for clarity, a lil.
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