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Message Subject Wow.........the Harold Campers took out a full page ad in USA Today.
Poster Handle Stark
Post Content
An ad like that couldn't have been cheap! Think of the hungry children this would have fed! Surely God would favor helping the needy with this money as opposed to publishing an ad that, if it turns out to be false, would prove to be a COMPLETE waste of money!

However, if it turns out to be true (won't know until Sunday, I guess) then maybe the ad encouraged someone to repent and seek Jesus as their Savior and, in so doing, be found worthy to escape before His judgement comes. In that case, it would have served a worthwhile purpose. As for me, I am ready! Any day suites me JUST FINE!
 Quoting: ^Watcher^

Good point. Reminds me of how sick i get when i pass a 'mega-church' that prolly cost millions......all so they could out-do the other mega-church down the road.

imo hold church in a tent, and tithes go to feeding the needy. The real needy, not the welfare vermin obviously.
 Quoting: Dundas

I expressed my concerns with a preacher about big churches like that, and he told me I had deep trust issues.

Another one was perching once, that the Bible says, when the church reaches 50% occupancy, it is time to rebuild (a bigger church)

That seems a bit wasteful.

I've since found my own path.
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