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Message Subject Wow.........the Harold Campers took out a full page ad in USA Today.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is gonna be one hell of a crash come may 22nd.

It may have been one thing before the internet, last time this douche made a failed prediction was 1994. The internet wasn't anything like it is today back then.

Now information spreads so wide and so fast, when this one fails its going to have serious ramifications.

I really think that after nothing happens on may 21, we should all spend may 22nd, beating the shit out of christians, burn down their churches, and running them out of town - as well as a full ban on any and all christian advertising. No more billboards, Ads, etc....remove their tax exempt statuses, and sue whatever is left of them for every penny they have. Then when that's done, lets finally and officially list them as terrorists - because that is what they are - no better than al qaeda.

But with any luck, after the rapture doesn't happen they will all mass suicide

Well at least one can hope....

Your Pal,

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