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The Knights Templar are reporting that the Christ has returned, and he will address the world on May 21st. They put up an informational website 2 days ago, and a video.

The website is www.RA-EL.org and the video is on the "messages" page. SPREAD THE WORD!

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1390850

so ummm....pick... jesus whent on to do a one man show?
I thought The Vatican had the copyrights to Jesus and his second coming right?

Okay seriously now

The knights templar were said to be the keeper of a big secret... the grail which is just a symbol for bloodline... The Knights Templars worked for Rome until the pope got greedy and th TKT didnt want to share their poorness. They fled to Scotland.... years ad years later there came Loyola founding the institute to protect the interest of Vatican.. the Jesuit who whent on to infiltrate the babies of TKT organizations.... binding them all together to protect rome's interest and work towards global rule... NWO... now Vatican has its own prophecies of the Great Monarch ..... and claims are it would be a descendant of French Royalty... Soooww.... I dont know maybe this is another nutcase or this nutcase has to proof that it is TKT publishing his arse and publish every data regarding the TKT for us to verify this nutcase is being spawned by the TKT!

Seriously any delusional idiot megalomaniac will have a hard time "ruling" this earth since he is not entitled to it ROFLMAO
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