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The Knights Templar are reporting that the Christ has returned, and he will address the world on May 21st. They put up an informational website 2 days ago, and a video.

The website is www.RA-EL.org and the video is on the "messages" page. SPREAD THE WORD!

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1390850

Bwahahahaha, okay lord Raymond Elwood has a twitter account...muahahaha he gets around now dont he? roflmao
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1220111

He still seems like a special enlightened person.. Maybe he is one of the 144,000,

As to Jesus, He can only be a leo.

The Illuminati Sun God will be a Capricorn and

another, yes, a third position is the Lamb of the Ages and that one will be born third week of March.

Dear soul,

I see many of your input and I wonder where you take your knowledge from.

I reacted to this blatant show is contempt for human intelligence out of sheer frustration.

1 Study of the old original text showed that there was not a figure after the christ depicted by world christianity...main culprit being Shaul of Tarsin...

And the annointed will come for one very special mission only one! and it has nothing to do with unifying churches... are there people who are slaves who do not belong to nations yet are not one of them? yes, go back into your history open your eyes and wheep, because when the truth WILL COME, those with their heart in the right place will want to tear it out for not seeing!

And there will be two annointed.. and y'all do know that messiah means annointed according to the tradition? With a special oil!

The land of confusion that is called Babylon!
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