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calling all interior design gurus!

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05/19/2011 10:24 PM
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calling all interior design gurus!
Ok.. Im moving into my first apartment in a week and a half.

Its a nice small one bedroom with semi-dark laminate hardwood floors. I have a 50 inch plasma i want to mount. thats all I have. I still need to buy a couch or sectional, some art, dining room table and coffee type table....

Im looking for good websites with design ideas and pictures I can look through. Im having trouble on google finding simple yet modern look for my living room. I want a modern and simple black and white type look. I think I mostly need help with how to run the wires so they are hidden coming down the wall from the tv into my receiver and ps3 etc. and I also need help with ideas on a good way to display my ps3 and receiever... I like the idea of the book shelf look on the wall. Im nervous because I want to get it right and be happy with it. my budget is up to 1500 bucks.

your help is much appreciated GLPers.!!!

links to pictures would be amazing


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