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Message Subject Eternal life
Poster Handle the white rose
Post Content
To All, Death, what seems to be unfair is just your finite understanding of the infinite.The one known to you as Jesus told us to seek the truth and the truth will set you free,by seeking you earn salvation.Here are some truths I have found by my seeking. Will which is the ability to choose to do a thing is the most important force in the Universe of Universes.When The First Source and center,The Father,The Thought and The Second Source and center,The Son,The Word have an individual collaboration and actualization of WILL,There Freewill,a co-creative creation comes into being.Will alone creates Spirit Sons, Paradise Creator Sons of the order of Michael,our Local Universe Son is Michael of Nebadon who Incarnated as Esu Immanuel known to most as Jesus.In order allow us to use our soul/mind (HUE MAN =LIGHT MAN)being to overcome the adversary,which is our ego entity of material self-hood,and achieve a Spiritual birthing without the benefit of physical evidence.This being able to have the wholehearted faith and trust of "a little child"in your unseen Spiritual Father.Until AT ONE MENT of Will of the ascending HUE MAN the soul is a seed that needs to be planted in the soil of desire to know your Heavenly Father,when the individual's soul/mind overcomes ego of self and attains AT ONE MENT of WILL and becomes one with the indwelling Father Fragment that being realizes its IMMORTALITY.Esu Immanuel(JESUS) left nothing behind of Himself to allow us the privilege of becoming "AGONDONTERS"( ones who can attain without proof of seeing),to be an agondonter is a most cherished and wonderful achievement!Esu Immanul(JESUS)left nothing behind (no writings,no art,no relic of any kind)for another reason,He did not want there to be anything left to start a religion or cult around His Person rather than His teachings. Saul of Tarsus A.K.A. Paul a pharisee composed the new testament ( hijacking the early followers of Esu's teachings)and turned the movement right back into the blood cult of the HEBREW RABBIS using the MURDERED Esu Immanuel(JESUS)as the SACRIFICE! I do however now have proof!I know by personal experience that paragraph 4 on page 1229 of "THE URANTIA BOOK" is the absolute, undeniable TRUTH and if that is TRUTH then the whole book is the TRUTH! Here is what I experienced. On June 28,1984 while working in my small plant nursery pulling weeds,I was attacked by a swarm of very tiny mosquitoes. They were the size of gnats and did not cause itchy bites,so I kept working.Went to bed and woke up the next morning so sick I could not move I was immobilized.I did not leave my bed for seven days and nights,did not eat or drink or go to toilet.Fever so bad covers on one minute off the next for seven days.Then on July 5, 1984 a few minutes before midnight I mustered up enough strength to get to the bathroom and take my temperature.I saw myself in mirror for first time in a week.I looked like DEATH WARMED OVER!My temperature was 104.5,I looked in the mirror then I looked at the thermometer then back in the mirror and then realized I was close to death.I said to myself well I guess this is it I am heading into the UNKNOWN!I laughed at the face of death!I got back into bed and thought what if my next breath is my last.It was, I had this thought,this prayer if you will that It is my WILL that THY WILL be done MY FATHER(a positive affirmation of WILL)^This is the "AT ONE MENT OF WILL wholehearted faith and trust in the unseen,the trust of a little child. At this moment time stood still,I turned to my right and said to my wife Laurie I am dieing I love you good bye.I then turned to my left and saw my clock tick to midnight,at this moment of non-time I felt myself vacate my body,it started at the tips of my toes and whooshed up my body when it reached my heart and brain I departed through the top of my head. Now all matter has faded away and I find myself as a little tiny light all alone in the darkness until I saw coming up from my right and from what seemed to be BELOW another light and it approached me and came to my side. I looked up and I saw another light a much much more brilliant and powerful light being on the other side of the portal,I knew that was my CREATOR FATHER and as I tried to reach for His helping hand the other being of light put up this barrier between us it was everything I ever did that hurt someone my sins if you will.I looked and saw my CREATOR FATHER still reaching for me even with all the error and s.i.n.(stuck in negativity)I committed.I turned to the being who came up from below and said be gone I go with my Heavenly Father and with that the EVIL PRINCE OF DARKNESS departed back to the pit of DARKNESS he left screaming in defeat ! I then took part in a seven hour debate with my CREATOR over going directly to heaven with Him. He said what of your wife and children,I said they will be all right because they have You.He said what of your business and all your projects and art,I said they mean nothing now that I am in your presents.Then My CREATOR said because you were able to have the faith and trust of a little child and achieve AT ONE MENT OF WILL and give birth to your seed soul I want you to go back into the Firmament back to the density of matter and tell them ALL,so I had to relent.It was His plan that I come back and tell you all!I awoke with my head still looking at the clock as it turned to seven. The Creator Son,Paradise Son The MICHAEL OF NEBADON and His bestowal personification in incarnation ESU IMMANUEL are REAL and always here for all who so choose of your own FREEWILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fear is the opposite of Faith HAVE NO FEAR LEARN THE TRUTH BY SEEKING AND HELP YOUR FELLOWS BY PASSING IT ON FREELY [link to www.urantia.org] THE BODY NEITHER LIVES NOR DIES THE SOUL/MIND HUE MAN LIGHT MAN LIVES AND IS IMMORTAL,THE LIGHT BODY OF THE DENSITY SIMULATES LIFE!!!the following is from the "Book of Truth"spoken of by Daniel "THE URANTIA BOOK" The material self, the ego-entity of human identity, is dependent during the physical life on the continuing function of the material life vehicle, on the continued existence of the unbalanced equilibrium of energies and intellect which, on Urantia, has been given the name life. But selfhood of survival value, selfhood that can transcend the experience of death, is only evolved by establishing a potential transfer of the seat of the identity of the evolving personality from the transient life vehicle the material body to the more enduring and immortal nature of the morontia soul and on beyond to those levels whereon the soul becomes infused with, and eventually attains the status of, spirit reality. This actual transfer from material association to morontia identification is effected by the sincerity, persistence, and steadfastness of the God-seeking decisions of the human creature.

3. The Phenomenon of Death

(1229.8) 112:3.1 Urantians generally recognize only one kind of death, the physical cessation of life energies; but concerning personality survival there are really three kinds:

(1229.9) 112:3.2 1. Spiritual (soul) death. If and when mortal man has finally rejected survival, when he has been pronounced spiritually insolvent, morontially bankrupt, in the conjoint opinion of the Adjuster and the surviving seraphim, when such co-ordinate advice has been recorded on Uversa, and after the Censors and their reflective associates have verified these findings, thereupon do the rulers of Orvonton order the immediate release of the indwelling Monitor. But this release of the Adjuster in no way affects the duties of the personal or group seraphim concerned with that Adjuster-abandoned individual. This kind of death is final in its significance irrespective of the temporary continuation of the living energies of the physical and mind mechanisms. From the cosmic standpoint the mortal is already dead; the continuing life merely indicates the persistence of the material momentum of cosmic energies.

(1230.1) 112:3.3 2. Intellectual (mind) death. When the vital circuits of higher adjutant ministry are disrupted through the aberrations of intellect or because of the partial destruction of the mechanism of the brain, and if these conditions pass a certain critical point of irreparability, the indwelling Adjuster is immediately released to depart for Divinington. On the universe records a mortal personality is considered to have met with death whenever the essential mind circuits of human will-action have been destroyed. And again, this is death, irrespective of the continuing function of the living mechanism of the physical body. The body minus the volitional mind is no longer human, but according to the prior choosing of the human will, the soul of such an individual may survive.

(1230.2) 112:3.4 3. Physical (body and mind) death. When death overtakes a human being, the Adjuster remains in the citadel of the mind until it ceases to function as an intelligent mechanism, about the time that the measurable brain energies cease their rhythmic vital pulsations. Following this dissolution the Adjuster takes leave of the vanishing mind, just as unceremoniously as entry was made years before, and proceeds to Divinington by way of Uversa.

(1230.3) 112:3.5 After death the material body returns to the elemental world from which it was derived, but two nonmaterial factors of surviving personality persist: The pre-existent Thought Adjuster, with the memory transcription of the mortal career, proceeds to Divinington; and there also remains, in the custody of the destiny guardian, the immortal morontia soul of the deceased human. These phases and forms of soul, these once kinetic but now static formulas of identity, are essential to repersonalization on the morontia worlds; and it is the reunion of the Adjuster and the soul that reassembles the surviving personality, that reconsciousizes you at the time of the morontia awakening.

(1230.4) 112:3.6 For those who do not have personal seraphic guardians, the group custodians faithfully and efficiently perform the same service of identity safekeeping and personality resurrection. The seraphim are indispensable to the reassembly of personality.

(1230.5) 112:3.7 Upon death the Thought Adjuster temporarily loses personality, but not identity; the human subject temporarily loses identity, but not personality; on the mansion worlds both reunite in eternal manifestation. Never does a departed Thought Adjuster return to earth as the being of former indwelling; never is personality manifested without the human will; and never does a dis-Adjustered human being after death manifest active identity or in any manner establish communication with the living beings of earth. Such dis-Adjustered souls are wholly and absolutely unconscious during the long or short sleep of death. There can be no exhibition of any sort of personality or ability to engage in communications with other personalities until after completion of survival. Those who go to the mansion worlds are not permitted to send messages back to their loved ones. It is the policy throughout the universes to forbid such communication during the period of a current dispensation. [link to www.urantia.org] the white rose
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