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05/20/2011 10:42 AM
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1. The NWO has called in Dr Evil Who by the way is in charge over there. He had that first Radiation sample taken by Abbott and costello. Thatís why they decided to retract it. They figured out they took it in the wrong place.( close to the reactor) Not to worry though the Three Stooges are on there way as we speak to take a better sample. They Ďve been ordered to take a sample at the out flow pipe in Alaska. where Dr evil is sure the levels will be better. Mo has ordered Curly and larry to use due dilligence to take this sample. Not to worry Larry is taking a nap while curly is in the basement grabbing the sample. I hear gilligan and the skipper have a boat waiting to take them to the professor so he can analyse it with his equipment he made on Gilligan's Island.
Also they called in Gomer PYle as a consultant. Heís placed a call in to Goober who buy the way is an expert in situations like this. Goober got his experience from working at the Station in Mayberry which is owned by BP. Unknown to most, Goober headed up the Gulf oil Spill last year.
So they have that going for them.
Oh yeah Geico has the insurance policy for TEPCO so they Have some cavemen on the way to lend their expertise.
Whew I think evrything will be just fine. evrything is under control nothing to see here.
move along Nothing to see

In related news The seven Dwarves are on their way to help as soon as grumpy can wake up sleepy and happy can get the car started. The tooth fairy is also on the way to help pay for the trip.
So we have that going for us!!
It's also been reported that goofy and Dumbo are on their way to the scene as we speak. Sources say that Dumbo can hear in Japanese and goofy speaks japanese. So this should help overcome language barriers. Verizon is also sending a Deaf Mute Midget to handle the Phone calls for the phone company.


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