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United States
05/20/2011 01:44 PM
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The response to the spontaneous doom street raves concept continues to grow. Some were immediately inspired to create their AXIS BANNERS with promises to let loose on the streets ASAP. I am posting at this obscenely early time here in San Francisco so that our European friends that sleep at night can get the info. You have all heard of or experienced the Love Parade thing. Well this is the Death Parade thing. Concept:

“We all know it is far too late to stop the impending doom configuration so I was thinking it might be a fun thing to do doom raves all over the world waving the banners of AXIS. The banner is simple. A reddish orange nipple with AXIS in grey letters on a black background. You have all seen that at www.axisdomitron.com and with some black cloth and a couple of cans of spray paint you are all set. If you want AXIS there, in an occult sense, the banners must be 9 feet by three feet, and hung vertically. And there must be 1,3,6,9,12,15, or 18 in alignment with all occult operations. Write the name of your group, or faction at the bottom. These doom raves can take place anywhere. Streets, alleys, parks, warehouses. Anywhere, anytime. And they cross all cultural and ethnic boundaries. Anybody can do them. Takes lots of video and up load it. I will not be showing them here so send me a link. Any music will do as long as it has a solid dance beat, is powerful, and played extremely loud.”

Now as a model citizen and a model art director I always encourage those involved in a STUDIO NECROPOL production to be considerate of others and law abiding in everyway and respect those that have total authority and absolute power over you. So to the best of my knowledge it is perfectly legal to start dancing in public. And as for the music, it is perfectly legal to walk down the street playing music. You know volume level discernment is a relative thing. What may seem unreasonable to some may actually be perfectly acceptable to others. Again it is a relative thing with no clear parameters. Judgments about that are complex in a social context. I did use the phrase “played extremely loud” but that was out of consideration for the hearing impaired. After all why should they be left out? And those beautiful banners are simply an informative public posting of a great art production called AXISDOMITRON. If by some rare chance you do run into resistance simply mention you are performance artists doing street theater. They will surely understand, and actually begin to admire you. I am wondering which noble faction will be the first to get some media attention. Imagine the nightly news begins reporting a new and strange phenomena worldwide; AXIS – DOOM RAVES.

For me these AXIS – DOOM RAVES are so benign they actually could be interpreted as a community service event in that they inform the general public of a wonderful spectacle I refer to as their final illumination coming soon to your world. I am certain all of you will agree with me about that. Learn all them. Just follow the links.

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.axisdomitron.com]