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09/04/2005 06:29 AM
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In a song called "Mosh," Eminem exercises the same right to free speech as used by rapper Kayne West, when he screams out "F*ck Bush!" But I guess you haven´t heard of that song. Right. Didn´t think so.

I find it hilarious that so many people feel the way they do about Kayne West. George Bush DOESN´T care about black people. Somebody had the balls to say what so many black people were already thinking. You could sit here and analyze Kayne´s raps and all, but Kayne West is not on trial here. What is on trial is the situation of how Katrina is affecting so many people and how little has actually been done to help them! Imagine for a minute, if something like Katrina happened to someone you loved. A close friend, a family member, or even your whole family. Imagine if there was no salvation for you, and that the only possible help took almost a week to get there...how would you feel? To Kayne and to a lot of others, the people affected by this tragedy were like family and friends. You would be mad too. It angers me to hear about how the thousands of troops who need to be here helping us are over in Iraq fighting a war which doesn´t even f*cking exist. It almost makes me sick. Why is America still even in Iraq? Haven´t we already killed off anyone who is capable of any real harm, or anymore harm than we have actually suffered at the hands of a natural disaster? Bush blames 9/11 on one lunatic who happens to be overseas, and as a result our troops have been fighting a needless war overseas ever since. Don´t blame Kayne West because he told you how he felt. If I could get on National TV where millions of people would hear me I would do the same thing. And i´m not alone.

Look at the facts. There are thousands of people (which the media chooses to call "evacuees" to have the appearance of not being racist because the high-end of the number of people is predominately African American) who have been left stranded and sidelined by this tragedy for 4-5 days. And 4-5 days without assistance pretty much equals death. Don´t believe me? Try living without food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, all of the things that you even remotely rely on for even 3 days. That would be difficult for myself, a 20 year old man to accomplish. The National Guard is an immense force that is intended to defend and assist Americans in times of disaster and tragedy, such as this. However many, if not most National Guardsmen are overseas. They are not defending us overseas. They are attacking someone else overseas.

So many people are going to continue to blame Kayne West for speaking up about his beliefs on Bush. And others will try to judge him as a human being. But in a country based upon free speech, freedom of the press, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of so called happiness, how much of this do you think is actually without boundary. You will only have the right to as much of any of that stuff that you are allowed to have. And after you cross that line, you are judged sentenced, and allowed to witness your own funeral. Well at some point, you too, will be judged. And perhaps then, you will realize the boundaries of your freedom.

Celebrities don´t share the same freedoms as the rest of us.

President´s don´t share the same freedoms as the rest of us.

And you don´t share the same freedoms as they do. Who defines freedom?

The person who wrote the document saying "these are your freedoms." And that person is in control of it.

So who should Kayne West be complaining about? The mayor of Chicago? White people? Or perhaps just someone else who has absolutely no problems with the confinements of their freedoms?

One man cannot control my freedoms. Therefore, one man should not have that much power. Because I, or someone, will have a problem with it.

I can see how Kayne´s tirade angered a lot of people. It is your right to differ from his feelings. And it is my right to sympathize. Sympathize not only for him, but for all of the people affected by Katrina and the people abandoned and left for dead, especially when America had the resources to help a lot more. And you can be mad at Kayne West as long as you want but the fact of the matter is this. There are still thousands of people who need help. Being mad at Kayne does not help anyone and only succeeds at fulfilling the needs of your own selfish natures. To say some shit so stupid as "I don´t want to help the Red Cross anymore because of what Kayne West said," that is purebred horseshit. Nothing that Kayne West says or does should change the way you feel about those people.

As for Kayne´s lyrics...Kayne´s lyrics were never so closely related to America´s newly found State Of Emergency so why choose to examine them now?

Heres some Kayne´s lyrics....

Screamin, Jesus save me
You know how the game be
I can´t let em change me
Cuz on Judgment Day, you gon blame me

And now we know why. Because he´s going to tell you exactly how he feels and you are NOT going to like it. Unless you´re me. I wish he woulda said the shit earlier.
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:20 AM
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that clip on tv is classic

the look on mike meyer´s and chris tucker´s face..oh shit