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Message Subject At "11:11am" Saturday Morning GMT, (Illuminati) Pope will make his one and only phone call to Intnl space Station. 7:11am EST Saturday!
Poster Handle humuhumunukuapuaa
Post Content

 Quoting: besweet or bebad

Care to wager?
 Quoting: humuhumunukuapuaa

nope, just laughing at all of us. meant no personal offense.

 Quoting: besweet or bebad

I know how you feel. This will be heavily argued, but I would almost be a little happy when doom comes. I don't want to have wasted my whole natural life on GLP for nothing!

GLP and all its collective make this site the best thing ever!
 Quoting: Bigbayou87

I did screw up on the date, changed to less than 27 hours from now. Still May 21 in many time zones....but the 11:11 thing is clearly Illuminati.

Popes and NASA are all about scheduling and symbols.
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