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You commit grievous sin dividing it into spirits of evil and the spirit of Good, for there is no God save that of good, who, like the father of family, does only god to his children, forgiving all their fault if they repent of them. The spirit of Evil dwells on earth, in the hearts of men who turn the children of god from the the right path….Your doctrine is therefore the fruit of your errors, for in desiring to approach the god of truth, you have created false gods.30
Salvation thus lay at the end of another path-the “middle way “taught by Jesus, Buddha. Lao Tzu, and other solar lords. This is the path of balance fundamental to the ancient mysteries.

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions

Jesus got her to do this book. was tired of all the killing in his name..

This same book says the church edited things 2000 years ago to say what they wanted and that it the product what we have today. things did happen but the message has been changed. The Book says Jesus came to be a Sheppard to show us the way to be as he was.. Not to be as its been edited or things left out to be as helpless sheep.

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