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The illuminati keep outing themselves on mainstream TV and it's fucking annoying

User ID: 1385306
United States
05/23/2011 01:41 PM
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The illuminati keep outing themselves on mainstream TV and it's fucking annoying
My TV just happened to be on TBS a couple of minutes ago and there was some cartoon called "American Dad", it was an episode in which they explicitly speak about the illuminati, the pyramid and eye symbol, except they changed it to peanut butter and pyramid or some stupid ass joke, but they said the word "illuminati" like 7 times, and said it was a secret society that controls the world, etc...

Same thing happened on like 3 or 4 History Channel TV shows which mention the Illuminati and even speak a lot about them, and Lucifer, but in the end dismisses it as a "stupid" and "ridiculous" conspiracy theory everytime.

Because they realized that a lot of us were already speaking openly about them they decided to put themselves out on MSM?

I don't know if you guys realize, but up until like 2009, the word "illuminati" was never even pronounced on any MSM production.

I think they're making it so the general public and sheeple will now recognize "Illuminati" as a fantasy, mysterious secret society "straight out of the movies", the thought of this little stupid group having the power they do will be so hard to comprehend for the masses, and they will laugh at people who actually know the truth about the Illuminati, and will just label them "lunatics" and "conspiracy theorists".

Then we have a series of shills and other groups of people who have started claiming the Illuminati are actually good and they're trying to save us and everything.

And just for shits and giggles, how about we all post our definition of the Illuminati?

The illuminati are a secret group started in 1776, bavaria germany, is related to masons and lucifer, definitely started/invented:
-The Great Depression,
-Pearl Harbor,
-OKC Bombing,
-all wars actually, Nazism, Zionism, they have control over most religions and groups of people and fabricate wars between specific groups, they love to divide and conquer, their final attack will be Christians against Muslims(ww3). They have ownership over most conglomerates which include most corporations and companies of the world, this is one way they control the world, they have control over every single thing that is sold to us, which is all we're allowed to buy, they own the FED which means they own all american dollars, they own us financially, they own most if not all banks, another way they secretly control us is through the 1st World Country Goverments of the world, this seeps down to all other countries, especially through the UN, IMF, World Bank, Unicef, etc..

The biggest way they control us if they fact they have FABRICATED history, through false-falgs, staged events, and straight up ownership of all media, and what is reported on the media goes down on the history books. Then they control all educational systems, ensuring only the same, rigid, global "curriculum" of information is delivered to students worldwide, which includes:
-disinfo about your bodies, energy points, souls, incarnations, minds, etc..
-disinfo about sociopolitical relations, other cultures, other people, skin tones, racial discrimination, sexual discrimation, ANY DISCRIMINATION IS ARTIFICIALLY IMPLANTED IN YOUR MIND
-disinfo about the nature of our reality, 3rd density, 3rd dimensional holographic visual reality we live, science is largely censored and controlled, most important science remains top secret forever, science that could change the world forever has been had since the 40s, kept secret
-disinfo about human nature, our origins, history of the earth, annunaki intervention, ET contact and history of earth's own space and galaxy past, history of our relationship with the stars completely unknown!
-indoctrination into a selected religion, all very similary designed to enslave and worship specific idols and into an unbreakable dogma that specifically restricts many things required for the spirit
-inserted hate for a specific group, depending region and religion, history of hate for that group, manufactured wars
-insert a belief that knowledge comes from media and education, when it's the opposite, corrupt humans to the point where they can't awaken

Any thoughts on this?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1385306
United States
05/23/2011 01:48 PM
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Re: The illuminati keep outing themselves on mainstream TV and it's fucking annoying
User ID: 1382180
United States
05/23/2011 03:11 PM
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Re: The illuminati keep outing themselves on mainstream TV and it's fucking annoying
who gives a shat, stop wasting your valuable time.