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Message Subject Boyfriend got drunk and admitted he is Illuminati working towards a New World Order
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let me translate for you.

Natural Girl is a Venusian angel, and we are both fully telepathic.

I asked her to validate her story.

She said her boyfriend is an angel, like 98% of Americans.

He did not say he was an Illuminati, he said he was Illuminated!!!

The NWO will happen, but it will not be evil, it will not be led by the president or the leader of the UN.

It will be led by me, the King of Israel. I only have a few rules for the kings, and presidents of the countries to follow: No invading other countries. No killing your own people. Allow people to experience free speech without violent suppression.

I will donate trillions (I have done so already) to many countries in need to help their cities and peoples. For instance America, Israel, Libya and Syria.

Our commercial goods from AU and NAUS will help people in all countries lead better lives. We make good things for Life! That's what all engineers do!!!

Our foods from Lambrose Technologies will be cheaper and tastier, and might reduce the need for agricutlural produce like livestock, chickens, cows, hogs, fish, deer, calves, oysters and shrimp. Lambrose foods makes all of these things cheaper and better tasting by a biotechnology that uses angelically engineered bacteria and free fructose from our fructode factory (it uses air and free electricity to make fructose by the tons every minute) and high protein whole wheat which we purchase from American farmers. That means some agriculture will continue to flourish.

I just had an idea! We might try to use non-GM yellow corn. It might be a cheaper source of raw vegatable protein. Unfortunately we can't make proteins from fructose, because furctose does not have phosphorus or nitrogen, which is required for proeins in meats. We have to start with natural proteins, like in high protein wheat for example. The chemist in charge of Lambrose Technologies is workingwith Archangel Sudiel to see if this can be done. I will give you a report soon.

I think they are buying corn from Mexico.

Goddamnit! Sudiel I want you to create a new breed of high protein corn seeds. It should be 85% protein by weight, and the unusable cob should be high protein, and eliminate the hairs, and make no covering leaves on the corn cobs. Make sure it tastes good like corn used to taste. Can you do that Sudiel? Seraphim Rasiel and two Creator Gods are going to cooperate to make this new breed of corn. Can you increase the productivity of each stalk? Can you make the roots deposit nitrogen in the soil? <She's nodding her head>.

Somebody said, Can you make an improved popcorn with more protein and good savory flavor?

Sudiel says, I can't make salt but I can make buttery flavor. I'll make it yellowish. I can make a salt like flavor.

Can you make a better sweet corn?

They are going to do it.

Vegetables will always be created by farmers with the help of the rains, the air and the sunlight whcih God provides free of charge.

Victory!!! They did everything I requested! I think we might be able to reduce the prices of our Lambrose Foods using the new corn breed.

Sudiel says one grain will produce an increase of 10,000. The normal increase is 700 approximately.

We have three news corns: hard yellow dimpled corn, popcorn, and sweet corn. They will have amplified flavor like the original, but with more sugars and proteins. And the hulls of the sweet corn will be more digestible.

Godammnit!!! I smell sweet corn right now!!! That smells damn good!!!

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