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Message Subject Boyfriend got drunk and admitted he is Illuminati working towards a New World Order
Poster Handle patdeez84
Post Content
I keep hearing something about Bavarian Illuminism over and over on the tape.
 Quoting: NaturalGirl

1) If you recorded him without his knowledge ( and we know you didn't hence the page and 1/2 of bs flags ) and you post it on line you will most likely go to jail and be sued and pay massive civil fines.

2) Your boyfriend is a lawyer ! Lawyers sue people ! Do you want to get sued ? Burn that tape, erase your posts, restore your computer to factory original state and then do it again, and then break up with him, then take up knitting on your front porch so when the sniper shows up to kill you he has an easier shot.

3) If you are you are full of bs ( which we know you are ) please remember if you ever do come across something really important, watch The Firm to see how lawyers deal with people with big mouths.

I give your story a negative 10 plus another negative 5 for thinking posting a picture of a ginger would convince us your isn't bs too. It didn't.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1183461

nope you can legally record a conversation as long as

1 You are part of the conversation

2 it is a semi-public place without the use of special equipment, which means you have to be able to be within hearing.

It is illegal to use wire taps or bugs to listen in so as long as he was talking to her she can record tthe conversation without his knowledge. I know this because I have my private security and pi licences. We were told anytime we are working to carry a recorder incase someone says we did something we didn't
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