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Message Subject Boyfriend got drunk and admitted he is Illuminati working towards a New World Order
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You are entertaining . . . If any of this is true aren't you afraid? . . . hiding2
 Quoting: George B

Of what ????? I don't think the goal of a New World Order is a secret. Seems that all the top leaders all over the world are part of it. I was kind of proud when I learned that my boy friend is a part of this amazing plan.
 Quoting: NaturalGirl

This is so true a lot people are in the know. Some of these people that are in the right place and the right time don't catch on. Too brainwashed I guess. So, I'm talking chiefs and all the way down into High level director/manager territory.

This becomes an often touched upon topic in elite or just upper class circles and most say how its soo bad, but that things are changing quickly. Tehn the conversation always turns into them arguing about what laws need changed updated etc. Some talk of the grand scheme, and how it relates to the lower class, but don't get me wrong they are not conspiring or anything merely just going along with it more less.
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