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Everything Is Normal Thread - 2011

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United States
05/25/2011 12:17 PM

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Everything Is Normal Thread - 2011
[link to wmjoseph.wordpress.com]
Test the info on the site to see if the trends are real or false.

The powers that be can't impact what's happening in space, so unless you are willing to go that far one must acknowledge something is changing across existence as we know it, all at the same time.

Please post data here on this thread that supports your view that trends (on any topic) show that nothing/everything has changed. It's time we look at it objectively.

"Everything is normal. Nothing has changed from a year ago. The book of Revelation isn't happening. God isn't real, and bible-tards don't have inside info or already know about any world events. Itís the aliens/reptilians/light beings.
Don't worry about the species die-offs, nuclear meltdowns and radiation, dollar collapse, mega-tornadoes and potentially killer entity in space. Ignore the power outages, debt ceiling, imminent mad max inducing mega-quake and flying orbs filmed in the sky". - Sample GLP pseudo-intellectual calling OTHER people sheep while touting their pattern recognition skill...

Still "normal" GLP'ers? Please consider that things have changed and not all of us are taken by surprise.

This convergence of events is not man-made. This is what God said would happen.
This is not about religion. Man messed that up long ago. This is about your spirituality.

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Revo/elation (OP)

User ID: 1278834
United States
06/03/2011 12:35 PM

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Re: Everything Is Normal Thread - 2011