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Message Subject LOUGHNER UNFIT to STAND TRIAL... surprise, surprise...
Poster Handle Woodsprite
Post Content
If he really is nutty
 Quoting: Woodsprite

Come on lmao is he really nutty?
He rode his bike down the road talking to himself like another person.
I don't know if you watched his youtube videos but the guy barely made sense, he reminds me of a dude I once knew who was a schizophrenic.
We can all be nutty but when you make no sense you have left this reality and gone to another.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1393757

I did say that I thought he was nuttier than a fruitcake...:P
I have known Schitzo. people too, and you are right, he has all the classic symptoms of it.
It's why I think it's unfair to only get him well enough to understand the Court procedings,.
Given the proper treatment, he could be made well enough that this type of behaviour wouldn't happen again.
I highly doubt that if he had the proper medical treatment that this would have ever happened in the first place.
But, it's difficult for parents to admit to themselves that they have a child that 'isn't right', and needs help.
His fam. is partly responsible for what happened.
They could have prevented this, by having him picked up , and held at the Hosp., saying they believed him to be dangerous.
No doubt the med. people would have kept him there, after a psychiatrist had seen him, saw the classic signs of Schitzo in him.
Parents just didn't want to see it, hid their heads about his strange behaviour...and this is the result of it.

If he had shot just some 'common person', I highly doubt that he would be staring at life behind bars for the rest of his life.
This is being made a spectacle, because it was a Politician that he shot, no other reason.
I don't think it's right that Politicians are 'worth more' than a common person, so therfore, if they are hurt/killed the punishment should be double or triple because of it.
Should be the same, no matter who the kid shot.
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