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Mad Mex – Los Zetas Use Road Warrior-Style Vehicles to Battle Other Cartels, Military

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United States
05/26/2011 11:06 PM
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Mad Mex – Los Zetas Use Road Warrior-Style Vehicles to Battle Other Cartels, Military
For over a year, the criminal organization known as Los Zetas has moved in to the Falcon Lake area on the Texas-Mexico border, chasing out paramilitary groups from the Gulf Drug Cartel. As these two drug cartel organizations fought for this crucial smuggling route or ‘plaza,’ Los Zetas burned down the city of Mier and several big businesses in the town of Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

With the exception of the local news media on both sides of the border, the major news outlets in Mexico and the U.S. have been silent, as local residents have been forced out of their homes, creating a refugee crisis to the point in which the city of Roma, Texas has been involved in humanitarian tasks to assist the city government of Miguel Aleman, providing food and clothing to people in need.

The gun battles, ambushes, and tactics used by the drug cartels are becoming more sophisticated. Two weeks ago, the Gulf Drug Cartel decided to launch a massive counter attack against Los Zetas. Now with the assistance of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel and the criminal organization known as La Familia Michoacana (both west coast cartels), the Gulf Cartel has joined forces with what’s known as ‘the Federation.’ With the assistance of the Federation, the Gulf Cartel is still battling Los Zetas. In the counter-attack, the Gulf Cartel has moved in several hundred kilometers into Zeta territory in the state of Nuevo Leon, where on a daily basis, hundreds of dead mutilated bodies have been found.

more [link to deadlinelive.info]