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Casey Anthony - Cold and Calculated - Pathological Liars

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05/27/2011 04:35 AM
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Casey Anthony - Cold and Calculated - Pathological Liars
In 2008, the Anthony family was thrust into the national spotlight after it had been reported that Casey Anthony had allowed a full month of time to go by without reporting her almost 3-year old daughter, Caylee, missing.

A closer look at the family that was more concerned over gas cans missing, rather than a 3-year old child missing, will reveal a sick and twisted cast of characters that are more frightening than anything you can possibly imagine.

The sickness of this family seems to begin with Cindy Anthony, the grandmother of Caylee, and mother of sociopath Casey. Cindy is a nurse whose eyes are dark and look ready to pop out of her head and land right onto your dinner plate. Her stories seem to change more than her daughter's. Her husband, George, has had several jobs but, appears to be mostly unemployed. Rumors of his infidelity are ramped. The two also share a son named Lee. Lee appears to be the closest to normal, often playing the role of a mediator between his mom and sister Casey. His annoying inappropriate laughter tends to make one question just how “normal” he truly is.

Casey Marie Anthony is George and Cindy's daughter, who brought a little daughter into this world August 9th of 2005. Her name was Caylee, a spelling for a name that combines "Casey" with the name, "Lee." No one knows who the child's father is (DNA tests rule out Lee as the father, as that was a rumor set forth early on in this case). The stories are mostly consistent with Casey, telling everyone the child was the result of a one-night stand, from a guy who is now dead. Of course, this story was not known until after she had tried to pin a boy by the name of Jesse Grund as the father. As with many things in Casey's life, if she is caught in a lie, the story simply changes but, that doesn't mean it changes to the actual truth or, does it?

Jesse took the initiative to receive a paternity test that resulted in a negative - a 100 percent negative chance of him being the parent. He remained with Casey however, and tried to treat little Caylee as his own. He even proposed marriage to Casey, who accepted. The union soon dissolved.

The drama for the Anthony's begins after a frantic phone call made to 911 on the 15th of July, in 2008, by Cindy Anthony. The original call was concerning her stolen car and money because, monetary things are much more important than a missing child to the Anthony family. About an hour later, Cindy placed another phone call to the police, finally complaining about her missing granddaughter, claiming Casey had told her the baby girl had been kidnapped by a nanny and, that her car, that she was just able to get out of impound, smelled like a “dead body.” The operator talked to both Cindy and Casey. Casey originally didn't even want to talk to the police but, reluctantly gave the operator a name for the nanny - Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

When the police arrive, the family members are separated from Casey and all are questioned. Casey tells police that her daughter has been missing since the date of June 9th. She claims that she dropped Caylee off with the nanny earlier that day, the 9th of June, at Sawgrass apartments, but when she arrived to pick Caylee up, there was no answer at the door and, the phone number for Zenaida no longer worked. Of course, like any concerned parent, she simply goes over to her boyfriend's house, to feel safe. Yes, this is the story given.

After some time of questioning the Anthony's and going through their computers, police discover a photo of Caylee taken on June 15th. This was Father's Day and, Cindy had taken Caylee for a trip to see her father that day. The new date of Caylee's disappearance is June 16, 2008. George now claims he saw both Caylee and Casey leave that morning.

Everything that Casey told the police concerning her missing child has been found to be an absolute lie. She told them she was an employee of Universal. She even led the police there to show them her office, going so far as to walk them down a hallway before finally turning around to the officers and admitting that she didn't work there. It's later discovered that Casey hasn't been employed for two years.

The police found a few Zenaida’s however, the closest in proximity to Casey was a woman who happened to have been at Sawgrass apartments, June 15th. She had requested information about a 2 bedroom apartment but, never actually took the place. She did sign a card at the office, which is how the police found her. When she was questioned, she had no idea who Casey was, nor her daughter Caylee.

Casey said she was looking for her daughter herself but, even according to her, she only told two other people about Caylee going missing. One was a Jeff Hopkins and the other a Juliette Lewis. Neither of these people exists. There is a Jeff Hopkins that is a friend of her brothers but, he has no connection with the case. She claims Jeff had a son named Zach and, that Jeff introduced Zenaida to Casey but, that story didn't pan out either. She may have had a friend years ago named Juliette but, no Juliette Lewis, except for the one that lives in California and is a celebrity.

Casey claimed that Caylee had actually called her the night before, July 15th, (by the time Casey is officially questioned and makes her statement, it’s in the early hours of the 16th), and when she asked her daughter to put an adult on the phone, the phone hung up. Casey says this came from a private number, around noon that day. When the police ask her about all these calls and, ask her about where a number is for Zenaida, Jeff, Juliette, etc., Casey attempts to concoct some outrageous story about how she had another work phone (remember she doesn't have a job), that doesn't hold a charge and, there's a SIM card in there and the numbers aren't stored on the phone? Oh, but she reported that the phone was damaged and then, later missing. She didn't report her daughter missing though. Phone records indicate no such call was made. There are no contact numbers for a Zenaida.

Casey said she was doing her own investigation. Pictures of her surfaced that were taken during this "investigation time" that shows Casey partying at a nightclub known as Fusian. Casey says she went to clubs and restaurants for the purposes of speaking with people who knew Zenaida. Casey wanted to track down her whereabouts. No one has ever come forward saying that Casey approached them about looking for a Zenaida. In fact, no one has even heard about Zenaida . Some of her friends claim they heard her speak about having a nanny for Caylee, and some have heard the name Zanny but, only from about the 16th of Jun on and, not before. There is an IM between her and Anthony Rusciano (one of Casey’s love interests), whose screen name is nyitaliano3, that mentions a “Zani” on May 6. 2008. No one has ever met Zanny. No one has ever talked to her on the phone except for Casey, who has no phone records, no emails, no text messages, nothing to prove the woman exists.
When police ask Casey where she left Caylee, she takes them to an apartment at Sawgrass, number 210. It is later discovered the apartment had been empty for months. They ask where else Zenaida may be, she takes them to a place that turns out to be an elder care facility. She also took them to some condos where she claims that Zenaida’s mother, Gloria, lives. No one there knows Zenaida or her mother. An interesting note: Casey claims Zenaida’s father’s name is Victor. Victor and Gloria are characters from a soap opera, Young and the Restless (thank you, youtube comments). It is revealed later on in jailhouse letters that Casey does indeed watch Young and the Restless . When Casey mentions this information to her mother, during a jail house visit, she first says that Victor could be Zenaida’s step father or, her real dad, she’s not sure. Then, almost immediately after, she states with certainty, that he adopted her. Cindy doesn’t catch this in the exchange at all. Nothing adds up and the police are forced to take a closer look at Casey and what she was doing during the time Caylee was gone. What they found out was that she stayed with her boyfriend and, went out, and had fun. There is nothing indicating that she even bothered to look for her daughter during this time.

During all of her questioning, Casey remained stoic and uninterested in providing the authorities with any valuable information that might help find her daughter. No tears are shed. She simply acted like there was nothing wrong. She further digs her heels into the ground insisting that the last person she “dropped” her daughter with was Zenaida.

Police grill her during an initial interview, insisting that they know she is lying to them. They tell her that she is making herself look like a monster by not being forthcoming. Instead of breaking down, Casey is cold and calculated. She tells them that she is going about things in a “backwards sort of way,” and repeats that phrase during questioning. It sounds almost cryptic.

While her daughter was missing, her friend Amy Huizenga had left town, and allowed for Casey to use her car. Casey had told her friends that her car was being repaired but, actually she had abandoned it at Amsco, claiming it ran out of gas. All around that area are gas stations but, instead of getting gas, she allowed the car to sit there and be towed. Amy didn't know this so, she said that Casey could use her car while she was away. Casey used the car, she also went into the glove compartment and stole Amy's checks, wiping her account clean over the week Amy was gone. Casey bought underwear, some clothes, beer, etc., all from Target but, didn't bother to purchase anything for her little girl.

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burpinflyz (OP)

User ID: 1393004
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05/27/2011 04:59 AM
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Re: Casey Anthony - Cold and Calculated - Pathological Liars
The biggest question is why? What really happened to drive Casey to murdering her own child? Taking a hard, close look at this case reveals startling information, the stuff that makes one’s skin crawl. It seems there may be some truth to what Casey has told authorities. Remember that she says to authorities and to her family that, they are misconstruing what she is saying, that she is going about giving them information in a “backwards sort of way.” This was NO accident. She leaves clues all over the place. They are creepy, calculated, and bone chilling. Casey had planned this for quite some time.

Never underestimate a sociopath.

First, we find that computer searches on the Anthony’s computer show someone searching as far back as March of 2008. These searches included key words for: chloraform, chloroform, how to make chloroform, household weapons, inhalation, making weapons out of household products, chloroformhabit, death, shovel, acetone, peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol.

What about the people that we know do not exist? Or, do they? She mentions a Juliette Lewis. There is no Juliette Lewis at Universal but, there is an actress that was in a once huge, famous hit movie called, Natural Born Killers .

Who is Jeff Hopkins and his son Zach? We know Lee has a friend named Jeff Hopkins and he knows Casey but, not well. It turns out that she did have his number on her phone and, she actually called his parents’ house before she was arrested for reasons unknown but, he has no son. I did find an actor that was named Zach Hopkins. Who is this? Well, it turns out that Zach is not a toddler but, he does appear in a video that was released June 14th in honor of Father’s Day. This video was produced by BlueFishTV.

You can watch this video at this link.
[link to blinkoncrime.com]