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Tea Party Anger at Michele Bachmann Explodes over Patriot Act Votes

Heads on Pikes
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United States
05/27/2011 06:48 PM
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Tea Party Anger at Michele Bachmann Explodes over Patriot Act Votes
Can you say "Scum sucking traitorous bitch"?

Tea Party Anger at Michele Bachmann Explodes over Patriot Act Votes

posted 16th February 2011 in Homeland Insecurity, Legislation, Liberty, Media, Politics, Republicans by Jim Cook

Four times in just one week Michele Bachmann, a Congresswoman from Minnesota and self-appointed Chair of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, voted in favor of the big-government surveillance, search and seizure powers of the Patriot Act. On February 8, Rep. Bachmann voted in favor of reauthorizing Patriot Act with no amendments or committee consideration allowed. On February 10, Bachmann voted to bring Patriot Act reauthorization back to the House floor, despite the fact that it had just been voted down. On the evening of Valentine’s Day, Michele Bachmann rejected a motion to follow House Rules and send the Patriot Act to the appropriate committees so members could propose sensible reforms. A few minutes after that, Bachmann voted YES to support final passage of the Patriot Act’s renewal in the House. All of these votes operated under conditions that permitted no amendments, no compromise, no reform, and mere minutes of debate.

There are a lot of rank-and-file members of the Tea Party who are not happy about this. They harkened to her words last year as she inaugurated the Tea Party Caucus in Congress:

George Washington once said, “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” Sadly, it seems today that the Constitution is no longer at the forefront guiding Congress…. I called for a Tea Party Caucus to bring Members’ attention to the cries of everyday Americans who are asking for a return to the fundamental principles contained within our nation’s greatest document, the Constitution.

Americans from all locations and backgrounds have united through Tea Parties to spread the timeless messages of fiscal responsibility and limited government. And I have talked to many people who felt discouraged because no one in Washington D.C. seemed willing to listen. This caucus will change that sentiment and ensure the voices of the people are carried through the halls of Congress.

more: [link to irregulartimes.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 699679
United States
05/27/2011 06:50 PM
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Re: Tea Party Anger at Michele Bachmann Explodes over Patriot Act Votes
She was never a Tea Partier, just a party crashing little Neocon WHORE.

Just like Sarah Palin.

REAL Tea Partiers will never accept these 2 dingbats.