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Undeniable UFO (bluebeam) link to the Apocrypha? (I've tried to rebuke, explain, and debunk it, but I can't)

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05/27/2011 11:19 PM
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Undeniable UFO (bluebeam) link to the Apocrypha? (I've tried to rebuke, explain, and debunk it, but I can't)
Earlier this week, a buddy of mine emailed me with some attatchment about an article that was written on the "Watchers" in the book of enoch. Because I've always held a casual interest in the supposed link between UFO's and the Bible, I did some research online. One of the things I had looked at online this morning was the theory surrounding "Project Blue Beam". Around lunch time, I returned to my work...going about my day as usual. When I got home this evening, I decided to read a bit of the apocryphic texts myself to see some of the stuff I had read about online (I'm actually a bit of an antiquarian collector, and I have a copy of the KJV before they took the apocrypha out in 1796). Anyway, the follwing passage from II Esdras Chapter V (part of the "Lost" revelations of the bible as they are known today)caught my eye.

"And even he shall rule whom they look not for that dwell upon the earth, and the fowls shall take thier flight away together"

The passage is so important, I think, because we not only see a refrence to the people under the rule of an entity that they cannot physically see, but we see the refrence to birds and the sky in the same verse. From my point of view, the two have to be related (I.e, (A)The celestial ruler, and (B) the massive disturbance in the fowl of the air). Can anyone else think of another explanation for this sort of passage? Why does it talk about a ruler of the future world, and then a massive disturbance of an avian variety in the same sentence?