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Another Place the Illuminati Pissed on To Own

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05/28/2011 09:47 AM
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Another Place the Illuminati Pissed on To Own
Excellent article and link for information on where the illuminati have pissed and marked to own.

Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the “Place de la Révolution” is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati designs in existence: a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world. The symbolic meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim and elitist ideology and seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist’s claims: the world is lead by a secret cabal named the Illuminati.


The Place de Revolution is situated on a roundabout in the rather quiet commune of Blagnac in Toulouse, and a constant flow of cars drive around the monument every day. As is the case in diverse parts of the world, most locals find the monument that adorns their town “nice” and “decorative” without having the slightest idea of its deep occult meaning. To those who have “eyes to see” however, the Place de la Révolution clearly and unequivocally reveals the hidden force which shaped the past and is relentlessly working to mold the future. In this apparently simple structure are embedded the goals, the aspirations, the philosophy and the beliefs of the hidden elite who guide the clueless masses towards a New World Order.

[link to vigilantcitizen.com]
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