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Message Subject Post how the medical system let u down or how the meds destroyed your life or how u lost a loved one or endured a suicide
Poster Handle cg
Post Content
I warned my family about all the global events, and there is danger (fuku), also about chemtrails u know the whole nine yards,

They declared me nuts, trying to take my kid and want fill me up with pharma,

Welcome in a complete sociopathic society where the new generation is screwed and the old generation too brainwashed to even notice,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1404624

And pharma is just as lethal, the anti depressants mixed with pain pills and valium are lethal, expecially with a martini.

That is if u don't get an overwhelming urge to throw yourself in front of a train, had a friend who was on meds and had a horrible urge to throw himself into an oncoming subway, he didn't but still...

The system sucks, pills are not the answer.

Have another friend, she got busted for forging pill scripts, got locked up, high heels and make up,

two weeks later in prison jeans and a hoodie she looked ten years younger!

I am sure meds are good for some, but not 1/3 the population and certaintly not without intensive therapy. Insurance should not run the health industry. it is better not to take a single pill than get caught in a never ending web that bleeds u to bankruptcy and then puts u on the dole so the dr's can collect a government check
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