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Message Subject Post how the medical system let u down or how the meds destroyed your life or how u lost a loved one or endured a suicide
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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in Dec. 2009. I had surgery and felt GREAT...no pain from the surgery, lots of energy (more than I'd had in years, actually), and my mind was clear. About 3 and a half months after the surgery, I started having pelvic radiation....NEVER again. Over a year after the radiation ended I am still exhausted almost all the time and my mind has been foggy for over a year now. All my life I have NEVER looked at a piece of fabric, or a craft item and NOT thought, "Ooh, I could make this, or that, or that, or that..." Now, I feel blank...I go through the motions, but can't think. I realize I HAVE to do this or that, and slowly and methodically struggle to do things I used to never have to think about. I would NEVER recommend radiation to anyone and wish I had never had it...I feel like a walking vegetable sometimes.
 Quoting: weegie

I've lost relatives to cancer, they do a lot to u and then u die anyway.

Cancer dr's were polled about what treatments they would use and they all said, the ones that had the highest risk of death or they would do nothing and let the disease take it's course. Yet they peddle the stuff to the people who suffer and spent hundreds of thousands and only get SIX extra weeks of life.

For half a million dollars i do not need six extra weeks, for 200k I could have one hell of a blow out in Las Vegas or SOuth Beach
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