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Message Subject Post how the medical system let u down or how the meds destroyed your life or how u lost a loved one or endured a suicide
Poster Handle cg
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A lot of the mental health problems are natural anyway, a nano brain worm picked up from cats..........takes about six months of "worming" with either natural or chemical wormers to kill all the adults AND their eggs.....the reason the psyc drugs work for a while is that they kill the adults

hahahahahahahaaaaa my bad experiences with the white coats started at 14 when I got smashed up in a car accident and had a broken femur. Lazy bastard didn't set my leg and after four months of traction and a chest to toes cast I ended up with a leg 3/4 of an inch shorter than the other one. Lazy greedy bastard then wanted to break my good leg to make it the same length.

sorry to say my experiences with them have gone downhill since then
 Quoting: hoot no more/hasheater 1404614

Sorry to hear it.

These dr's need to hear how they are violating their oath,

the hippocratic oath, to help to heal and not to worry about the almighty dollar.

imean med school is expensive and a bitch and a lot of people could do the same or a better job if they got a chance at a fraction of the cost.

Where i come from an oath means something, it is a matter of honor, not being scared to death of malpractice and just too conniving by half.

I mean the money is going to be worthless soon anyway
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