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Message Subject Post how the medical system let u down or how the meds destroyed your life or how u lost a loved one or endured a suicide
Poster Handle cg
Post Content
Lost a friend to suicide after the system repeatedly bounced
him out the door after a couple of days or less. No counseling
ever, just prescriptions.

Know others who are on high doses of drugs due to psychotic
effects of anti-depressant withdrawal. Stopped cold turkey,
then ended up in psych ward. No one bothered to say "there
are likely withdrawal symptoms".

A person close to me is very slowly going off an
anti-depressant that messed up there ability to sleep.
The withdrawals are dreadful if not done at a very slow
pace. Two and a half months to get to a half dose, and still
some withdrawal symptoms.

Know people who've ended up bankrupted.

Big problems:
Lack of universal insurance.

Pill pushing without truly informed consent.
 Quoting: Mercurius 1087913

Thanks for sharing that, It really bothers me that these things happen,

YOu know I visited friends of friends twice in a psych ward, it is a hospital floor with locked doors, nothing peaceful nothing soothing, nothing tranquil, just a sterile hospital floor and meds, everything for the fucking meds that have too many damn side effects.

For all that money they could build really nice retreat centers, of course the dr's would have to live on 50k not 500 k and maybe actually have to really work to understand annoying patients.

People getting killed pisses me off,

NYC does have its nazi side, lose ur place, argue with the wronge person, and the cops arrive and u r off to happy valley psych ward and it will bankrupt u, and kill u.
 Quoting: cg

Was my thought too. "For this much money they could send
people someplace nice where they have a chance of getting
better". 72 hours or less with no sleep and the lights on
in lock up isn't going to make someone well. It might stop
them from killing themselves that day, but it does nothing
to solve the original cause of the problem.
 Quoting: Mercurius 1087913

And yet they don't. Wonder why they don't?

What profit does a dr get if a patient is in the woods surrounded by people who care,

A lot of talented people cannot become therapists simply because the exams are too rigorous, but a community could support all those who are ill and reintegrate them into the real world.

Yet this does not happen,

It is a problem that has gotten swept under the rug, but wit hthe net with the forums and with people talking and taking on issues like this, voices will be heard
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