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DOOM Delayed until Early June 2011?

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User ID: 1405897
05/29/2011 01:39 PM
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DOOM Delayed until Early June 2011?
No Doom Has happened/will happen in whats left of May 2011.

Because doom comes when you less expect it
Everyone was thinking End of May doom for USA etc...

Then the next 2 weeks nobody thinks doom
and guess what.... is then when it might happen...

So anyone else had the feeling Doom will happen 1-2 weeks after May in a time nobody expect it.

Someone though about Something big to happen Early June?

So... while everyone now is relaxing think about how this works....

Mother nature never release Doom on a date everybody knows it happen.... so End of may doom Canceled.

Now while people are releaxed dont think about doom
then BOOOOM it happen Doom 2 weeks after in early june..

Possible dates 5 or 6 June 2011.... thats the Numbers i get in my head if the above statement of early june prove to be correct.

Now here is something intressed if Mother Earth surely is aware that we are aware about Doom Mother earth would not release doom those dates but shortly after when nobody expect it.

Why shortly after and not say long after...
Because Doom cannot be Delayed for that long either....
it can be delayed a little big but not too long

so 1-2 weeks is possible.

Now here is something intressing if we as humanity is able to pinpoint every possible doom dates.... this doomdates will be delayed and we can enter a circle when we can avoid doom just because we are able to discover the dates...

But... it not always work cause there have been people that have predicted a doom and it has happened...

But normaly it dont happen

there is 2 reason for this

1. Doom-fail (most likely people are just humans)
2. Mother earth Delay the doom dates we discover.

So there you have it
5 and 6 June Possible Doom dates

Now Will enough people read this thread to be aware of this doom dates so the doom yet again will be delayed.....
thats the question?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 786141
United States
05/29/2011 01:45 PM
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Re: DOOM Delayed until Early June 2011?
Couldn't you have posted this yesterday? I just booked a non-refundable room in Las Vegas for June 5. This is gonna take all the fun out of shopping. DANG IT!!!!!!!!
6.6.11 (OP)
User ID: 1405897
05/29/2011 02:01 PM
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Re: DOOM Delayed until Early June 2011?
Ok so as i said Mother earth will Never gives us doom on a given dates if there is too much awareness of it
Mother earth like surprises

What if mother earth work like this:

We already know big Catastrophies happens in periods..
Doom...calm...doom...calm...double doom...calm..calm... etc

Now maybe also Doom is creased if the right critierias are there... there is also the acumulative factor

Maybe Awareness Stop doom?
so as more people is aware of a Doom date as lesser likely doom happen that day

Doom is then delayed...but why not canceled
because this:

Think of Nature doom as a Rubber band
and our collective awareness of doomdates as a energi that pull the rubber band and send it back delaying the doom

Everytime we get aware of a doomdate we use that energi and pull the rubber band this create a force and send the doom back... but doom always comes back but it takes time to move back to where it was.....
this is the delay

So if we are able to be collective aware of doomdates
we can use that awareness energy to delay the doom...

thats atleast until we figure out a energy to stop the doom.
for now it cant be stopped only delayed...

and delay are normaly short.... unless we keep pulling that rubber band
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1351036
05/29/2011 02:40 PM
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Re: DOOM Delayed until Early June 2011?
Hmmm...I think someone called this the GLP effect. Doomsay will happen when you least expect it, so if you are always expecting it, it wont happen.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1351036
05/29/2011 02:42 PM
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Re: DOOM Delayed until Early June 2011?
I have had a feeling I will be stranded on holiday in June, but thats just me.


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