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Message Subject Moving stars? or ufo? Satellites?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Somewhere on here is another thread about this very subject. I, in Florida and some other AC in Tenn both witnessed the same star moving, but on different nights. It is eay to find, too, because it is still there. If you follow the last 2 stars of the big dippers handle from roughly North to South, they point towards a triangle of dimly lit stars with a bright star in the middle of them. It is this bright star that moved slowly South to North and took its position in the triangle and has been there ever since (this was 2 weeks ago). It seemed to be in a slightly different position in relation to the other stars last night. Will look again tonight. What is going on here? I KNOW I wasn't seeing things. I watched it move about the distance equal to my fist extended out towards the sky. I thought it was a plane at first and was looking for flashing lights. Then it stopped. Freaky.
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