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Message Subject Moving stars? or ufo? Satellites?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are ships. You guys are not going crazy. Anyone who tries to hush this up, hasn't seen one, or is very closed minded.

I've been in a few ships myself. It is pretty impressive technology. You can zoom right into a person's conversation, and listen in, all the while in the ship. You can even capture live feed from any location down below at earth. Most of the ships have teleportation technology as well, varying from how much weight (and distance) can be teleported. It is all so very advanced technology.

The ships vary. Some are not the same. The white ones are capable of achieving warp drive, and can zip off or into our atmosphere (they look like shooting stars at first). They pose as stars, so they can monitor something here on earth.

Some species look humanoid, and some do not. I can say right now, there is no harm in the ones that show themselves to you. This world is being cleaned up, and if you see these 'stars' that move. Don't be alarmed. It is just a clean up crew removing stuff on earth; that has no legal intergalactic right to be here.

Just a clean up crew is all. Military knows about it, and they usually send jets to monitor the situation.
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