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Message Subject Moving stars? or ufo? Satellites?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im looking up the internet for an explantaion as to what my friend and i both saw last nite. When i read this post, it describes exactly what we saw last nite. Ive never in my life believed in UFO's but cant fatham the idea that any satelite could move so quickly across the sky.

Last nite, the 4th Feb 2012 around 10.30pm, sitting on the balcony with a friend, we both witnessed a star just decide to take off, moving at pace, across the sky. We both spun out. Then, from the same area of stars where the first one originated, another just decided to move, in the same direction as the one before, going the same controlled pace however the second one flashed and a couple seconds later it flashed again and was gone. We couldn't believe our eyes so we kept watching and sure enough, a third one from the same area of stars decided to take off, in the same direction as the other two. Logically thinking, satellite. But ive witnessed Haley's comet and it didn't appear to be moving across the sky very fast at all. So how can any satellite be faster than a comet?

We kept watching for at least another half an hour and saw nothing further so we quickly went out for food, came back and sat back out on the balcony.

We then saw a star moving from where the other 3 moved off too before disappearing, heading back to the direction it originally came.

Id like to think satellite, or Government plains or something logical. Im so glad I didn't witness this alone coz no one would ever believe me.

Yes, we tried recording it on Iphone but as you can guess, its not useful for picking up little specks in the sky.
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