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Message Subject Moving stars? or ufo? Satellites?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hello i have been coming to this site religiously since the begining of the year. I recently signed up for an account here and i would like to ask you all a question.

Last night i was outside watching the stars as i usually do late at night here in the country. I keep seeing stationary stars then all of a sudden they take flight across the night sky. These stars will move from a dead stop skim across the sky quickly sometimes in a straight line others in jagged lines, some will even take off quickly then stop, then take off again before they disappear they will get extremely bright then instantly fade away. I have been seeing this alot this year alone. there were 4 different accounts of this happening last night alone. does anyone have an idea of what it might be? I have heard it is a satellite but i just cant seem to grasp that whole idea just by the way they move in the sky.

 Quoting: ewj85

Hey OP.
I have seen this too,'as has my gf and a few friends when I pointed it out.'The one we se move every night is apparently Pleidas according to googlesky.
We first observed this year or so ago and we watch the damn thingnmove around every night. No other 'star' moves and we know the difference between sattelite and thi baby.
Mentioned it once in threqd and got laughed at lol! It's impossible to film because it's tiny nd you'd need a massively powerful camera.
With it's darting round being o obvious we cn't believe it never get reported.
You're not crazy :-)
PS I do NOT believe in aliens, nibiru, jesus, tlantis etc. but I do know what I see
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