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Message Subject Moving stars? or ufo? Satellites?
Poster Handle Lateralus
Post Content
Ok so I have been looking at GLP for about 2 weeks and I can see that there a lot of different things being posted on here. Anyways, just wanted to say cool site and wanted to say that although there is a lot of bs, there are a lot of good things too.

I am in Ontario Canada, in a small town about 3 hours north of Toronto. Recently saw this post a few days ago and well this week has been rather astounding. Since moving to a new place out by the lake (since Aug 1st), I have seen my first UFO siting. Unfortunately, the footage I got was from my cell phone wasn't great and it's only a 3.2 Mp cam so, I decided not post it.

However, two nights ago and tonight at about 8:45pm and again at about 11:45pm my girlfriend and I have seen these moving stars. Very awe inspiring and here's the funny thing about the first one tonight.

We were down at our local fishing hole off a dock, and while it was a little busier than normal it was getting dark and people were starting to leave. We don't mind fishing a little later as it's a little more fun. Well one of the other local guys was coming back to fish by us and when all of the sudden I pointed up and said hey look at that. My girlfriend knew immediately as she said she has seen these before. This was a first time for me, but I have seen the footage on here and on youtube etc.

It was moving quite fast, and I have to say that I used to work in aviation and am very aware of what most types of planes and satelites can do. The flight pattern of this "star" was very odd indeed. It zigzagged, and what looked like to be dropping and recovering altitudes. Nothing a normal plane can do or satelite especially by looking at what the altitude could possibly be. After viewing for a few seconds I turned to the local fishing guy and said "hey look a UFO." He kinda chuckled and just kept away fishing.

My girlfriend and are both very much in tune and were both kind of shocked at the reaction. Needless to say, the boat that takes a tour on this lake just had got back and was probably loaded with about 75+ people. There were still about 20-30 people down at the dock fishing, walking or whatever. No one else besides my girlfriend and I noticed this very strange UFO and flight patterns. Well the local fisher guy did but made nothing of it.

To try to summarize quickly, I have a friend who is very involved with researching UFO's etc, and he told me that if "they" want you to see them, you will see them. They know when you are looking and will make some sort of signal towards you. I guess my question is can anyone on here attest to this? I would like to see a count on how many of you regular GLPer's have seen this so called "star" UFO yourselves.

We are going to try and get a much better camera as we have one but its only 12 Mp, and try to get footage to post here in the near future.

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