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Subject U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama the Rockefeller Puppet
Poster Handle Rockfish
Post Content
With all that has came out about the fraudulent birth claims by Barack Obama and no action taken by any federal agency or Congress some investigators will look for an even larger conspiracy.

For this report Barack Obama Sr will be assumed to be the father. Since we have no valid birth records this can not be said to be a certain fact. There are a few researchers claiming Barack's life mentor Frank Marshall Davis is the father. This is rejected due to the birth record controversy itself. If Frank Davis were Barack's father Barack would be very pleased to produce his American born birth certificate. But this has not been done leading us to conclude Barack was not born to Frank Davis.

The next question is who is the actual mother. Ann Dunham is claimed to be the mother on the given fraudulent birth records, and that she raised Obama after registering his birth in Hawaii (possibly soon after ariving from Kenya). Who is Ann DunHam?

According to her bio:

"From January 1981 to November 1984, Dunham was the program officer for women and employment in the Ford Foundation's Southeast Asia regional office in Jakarta. While at the Ford Foundation, she developed a model of microfinance which is now the standard in Indonesia, a country that is a world leader in micro-credit systems. Peter Geithner, father of Tim Geithner (who later became U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in her son's administration), was head of the foundation's Asia grant-making at that time."
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

So Dr. DunHam worked in world finance at the Ford Foundation for Peter Geithner. Both Geithner and the Ford Foundation have many ties to the Rockefeller Foundation.
[link to www.columbia.edu]

Could it be possible Dr. Ann DunHam was chosen by the Rockefeller's to adopt Barack for a future US president? Why not just get an American, if the Rockefellers wanted to groom a Black man for president?

Unknown to many in the US is that David Rockefeller is chairman of the powerful Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR) located in New York City. Most all the important polical figures from both parties belong to the CFR. It is often said that no matter who wins elections - left or right - they will be a CFR candidate. Apparently the time had come to install a Black president and an American was not desired. This time an African Muslim who could show hostility equally to all Americans while following orders was to be placed in power.

This is really nothing new for the Rockefellers who are a major player in world government. North Korea's Kim Jong Il also claims to have been born in his country. However records show he was in fact born in the USSR where his dad was an officer in the military.
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to rt.com]
[link to www.britannica.com]
[link to asianhistory.about.com]

In 1917 the Russian Revolution transformed Russia to the Communist country it became. This revolution was financed by western bankers including the Rockefeller family. Russia aided North Korea during the war and established the Communist rule after the war. In this way it seems, the Rockefeller's CFR has control of both North and South Korea.
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